oyoga is a revolutionary and sensual style of yoga that helps women access the feminine wisdom that lives in the body through breath, movement and sensation.

When we are able to tap into and increase our connection to our inner power source, something that the ancient yogi's call SHAKTI (also known as sexual energy or the feminine force of energy and creation in the world), through the breath, senses and the synchronized movements of the body, we are able to increase our relationship with life.  

So on one hand, that's what OYoga is all about: living a fully delicious and sensual life that is open to all of the possibilities and pleasures that are available to us through the activation of our senses.  

And on the other, it's about giving women get the permission and tools they need to the tools to heal, activate and own their feminine power so that they can live TURNED ON LIVES empowered by and in connection with their sensual nature.


So what does sensuality mean in the context of the class?

Sensuality simply means we utilize our senses. Because the breath is the primary pathway to our senses, there is an emphasis on the breath and synchronizing the inhalation and exhalation with specific movements that activate our feminine energy.

So many women are either over stimulated (from stress, technology, vibrators or societies high expectations) or numbed out (from food, drugs, childbirth, trauma or societies notion of what a woman "should be") that bringing breath and sensation and back to the body is often a simple but revolutionary experience.  

The movements are similar to what you've probably experienced in other yoga classes, only altered to work specifically with the female body.  In any given class, we address the myriad of topics that affect modern women and through OYoga you are given the tools to heal any shameful, disempowered or numbed out parts of yourself.

Whats the O all about?  

The O stands for Orgasmic Yoga ... but before you get your panties in a bunch and let the name scare you away, it's more about learning how to live orgasmically then actually having orgasms in the middle of class!  While OYoga will provide you with tangible tools to help increase your libido and improve your sensuality, sexuality and sex life in general (and who doesn't want that!) each class is built to create a very safe and welcoming space for each woman to fully experience the sensations, energy and movements of her body.

Can men come to class?  What about those who identify as women?

There will be opportunities for men to participate as class sizes grow and workshops are offered, but for now, the small and sacred OYoga classes taught by Ashly are only for the Femme's.  If you identify as non-binary, trans or are in transition, please CONTACT ASHLY HERE to make sure OYoga will be an appropriate and supportive space for you.

Men - we love you and think you are wonderful - thank you for understanding and supporting this work.