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I've invested in a lot of programs, courses, and experiences but working with Ashly in Bali was by far one of the most moving experiences I've ever had.

Releasing shame stories I've had since I was a 12 year old girl, experiencing what awakening Shakti actually means and feels like, and feeling ALL the juiciness and sexual energy start to flow after yoga with her.

She pushed me to my edges in a way that unlocked my power. Highly recommend taking any opportunity you can to work with Ashly!


As a yoga instructor, experiencing Ashly’s teaching style for the first time was like discovering the essential piece that I hadn’t realized was missing from my yoga practice-sacred sensuality. I love to move my hips and love to build strength, flexibility and awareness and Ashly’s unique teaching style weaves all of these elements together with ease. Her work makes pleasure a beautiful practice and offers a safe space to step into our full feminine sensual power. Because of her classes I've re-claimed the feeling of sensual embodiment that I crave that makes me feel most blissful and alive. I’m so grateful for her great work and for this new level of self-discovery. If you’re ready to tap into your innate feminine power Ashly is definitely your girl.


It's hard to put the work Ashly does into words because it's SO big and deep and beautiful. It took me a while to write this testimonial because I was at a loss for words when it came to expressing the tremendous gratitude I have for Ashly and all the ways she’s helped me.

I’ve been blessed to work with Ashly in deep and profound ways, that always result in massive shifts in all areas of my life, especially in my spirituality, sexuality, sensuality, relationships, connection to my body, and really, more than anything else… myself.

Through Ashly’s fierce and loving support and guidance, I have healed deep wounding from my womb that I’d been trying to get to the root of for years, lifetimes, actually, I believe. This was a literal miracle for me! Ashly guides you to the places within yourself you otherwise might not have the courage to face, and she does it in a way that feels beautiful and divine. Ashly holds incredibly safe and sacred space and facilitates miraculous healings and profound awakenings.

She helps you to move through the fears, pain, wounds, and patterning you know you need to and into the light and the truth of what and who you really are – the divine and sacred being of love and purity. This woman is leading us all into embodiment of Shakti and my gratitude for her and her work is truly beyond words.

THIS IS WHAT I KNOW: she will transform you from the inside out. You will finish with her as a new woman - the woman you have always dreamed of being. You will be completely empowered, you will fully embody your Divine Feminine, you will feel DAMN sexy, and you will shine your light brighter than you thought you ever could. This woman is AMAZING. If you have the chance to work with Ashly, JUMP ON IT! Life will never be the same, in the best of ways.

- Katelyn Edgar, Intuitive Coach

It is a rare thing, indeed, to meet a person who has genuine love for what means to be fully human and can teach others to build that within their own lives.  Whether I was learning to identify the love inside myself, in another person, or in all people, Ashly accompanied me throughout, with just the right amount of gentle nudging, and an unfaltering ability to inspire faith by always walking her talk. My practice of self love and compassion would still be struggling, were it not for Ashly and for that I will be forever grateful. 


Ashly has this crazy ability to really see a person for who they are, what might be holding them back and then to offer suggestions on how to move forward.  She pushes me to grow and reminds me that I don’t have to accept the constraints of my day to day. 

- Kate Delavan, Agricultural Policy

After having 2 children, I felt frumpy and exhausted.  I had totally lost interest in sex, feeling sexy and my sexuality in general.  The practical components of reconnecting to and reclaiming this sacred part of myself have helped me re-ignite my sex life and intimacy with my husband and deepen into my own source of femininity and pleasure in my life.  Since working with Ashly, motherhood has totally transformed for me and as I have learned how to work with the cycles of my womanhood I am now able to nourish my self so that I am more deeply able to show up and nourish my family.


I've done yoga for years and never once felt anything even a fraction as powerful as what Ashly lead us through. In under an hour, I experienced visions, a deeper connection to my power, and more awareness of my sexuality. Working with Ashly is one word: transcendental.


I was terrified of Ashly the first time I met her. 

Everything she embodied reflected back to me the traits I desired, but was too scared to step into: confidence, sensuality, power. 

It's impossible not to feel safe with her though. Her ability to hold nonjudgemental space and channel divine insight and guidance is what makes her a powerful healer, mentor and teacher.

In just an hour of working in person with Ashly, she led me through a journey of healing from past sexual and emotional trauma and reclaiming the pieces of me that had been lost or buried: confidence, sensuality, power. 

I am forever grateful to Ashly for sharing her gifts and for stepping into her own power, to give me the permission to do the same in my own life.


What I thought would be simple weight loss support turned into so much more over the course of our sessions. As a matter of fact, my weight became less and less of a point of pain for me as I grew in many other ways.  And funnily enough, I look and feel better than I have in years!  Ashly’s nutritional counseling gave me tools to take fundamental steps toward health, and as I employed those tactics, my body and mind started on a subtle, yet powerful shift that I will continue to nurture. I look forward to working together again!


After doing yoga with Ashly for the first time, it felt like I had awakened my soul between the walls of my skin.  Since then, I’ve cultivated a deeper connection with my body and become more confident in expressing my sensuality.  I went from having no orgasms with a partner to having multiple and full body orgasms, and I feel like for the first time, I’m truly living in my power and truth as a sensual, secure and awakened woman.


Ashly not only helped me choose and then guide me through my first ever cleanse, she has given me the ability to truly understand what my body wants vs. what it needs and how to find balance between the two without losing my mind. Her passion for her work is infectious. Every time I see her, she leaves me feeling like I’m on the brink of a really important change and armed with the knowledge and courage to take the steps to make that change. Mind, body, and soul, I trust her. 

Kristyn Hume, Art Director + Motionographer 

I forgot what it felt like to feel sexy!  Ashly helped me ignite my self-confidence and sexuality and realize that I didn’t have to be a size 6 to feel good about myself.  She literally changed my life.

Are you ready for a miracle?  Because that is what this girl is!  She is smart, sassy and sexy – and her infectious and inspiring spirit can’t help but rub off on you.  She'll have you booty shaking your way to your dream life in no time!


Ashly had me get very clear on my "why" and I think that was one of the most powerful components of our work. Working in the area of health brought up some MAJOR stuff for me, and so having my intentions and Ashly's intentions to support me was crucial. I remember having a day when we had a session scheduled and I was feeling terrible - I'd probably relapsed onto the sugar binging and was feeling ashamed. But I showed up still, and those were the moments when Ashly really was able to speak into me. She taught me so much about being authentic and kind to myself.    - NIKITA SINGH, MANHATTAN, NY

Ashly had me get very clear on my "why" and I think that was one of the most powerful components of our work. Working in the area of health brought up some MAJOR stuff for me, and so having my intentions and Ashly's intentions to support me was crucial. I remember having a day when we had a session scheduled and I was feeling terrible - I'd probably relapsed onto the sugar binging and was feeling ashamed. But I showed up still, and those were the moments when Ashly really was able to speak into me. She taught me so much about being authentic and kind to myself. 


Ashly is a world class teacher when it comes to the art of embodiment, sexual energy, and feminine power.  One that I trust to teach both myself and my clients. If you're wanting to reclaim your body, feminine power & sexuality, let Ashly be your guide.


Ashly is a triple Goddess. She is soft, sensual, ferocious, creative, destructive, passionate, seductive, playful, vivacious and so much more. When I am with her I feel the potential of my gifts expanding. The way she embodies her shakti energy allows me to feel empowered, free and safe. Her radiance is like a breath of fresh air cleansing my soul and allowing me to express my own divine femininity. I feel so alive, juicy and super charged after her Oyoga classes. She is purely magic and I can't wait to experience more of her gifts. 


From the very beginning of our relationship I knew that Ashly had some serious medicine for me. I got that this Provocative Weight Loss work was about way more than weight loss - it was about designing my life and embodying the life of my hearts most tender yearnings. 

The results I was looking for : finding and being intimate with a partner, feeling free from food addiction, feeling intimate with myself, all took a major upswing during our time together. 

In the time we worked together I launched my soul business, met my twin flame, left a toxic job, moved into my dream town, and felt truly free from my food issues. My body did get stronger and slimmer, and I feel now that the foundations we laid in for self-care and working with the energy of dis-ease will help me through my entire life. Provocative yes. Weight loss on all levels - yes. The time for your growth is now! 

- Prema Solara, North Carolina

In just a few sessions Ashly helped me understand things about myself that I’ve been trying to figure out my whole life.  

- Tonya Busey, BERKELEY, CA

Ashly is the only person who has helped me lose weight and keep it off.   She helped me understand myself and understand my body in such a radical new way that I will forever be grateful.  


Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 12.34.21 PM.png

I’m convinced that working with Ashly is what allowed the doorway to open for the love of my life to come through.  Now, I’m engaged and 15 lbs lighter!


Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 12.34.21 PM.png

If you're ready to say yes, THEN SAY YES!  Ashly lit a fire under my ass and helped me heal and become who I knew I could be. She understands the stages of transformation and awakening, holistic health and what it means to live as confidant and embodied woman ... and isn't that what we all want?

The way she works with your body, your energy and your lifestyle is so unique and customized - you can't ask for a better facilitation for transformation. 

She gets you to the heart of the matter in a fast but gentle way while giving you room to integrate, mess up and *learn* so that you can gain the experience and support you need to truly evolve into the woman you seek to be.


Really, when I look back at the months, I see just how much ridiculous growth I've experienced - not just in my body - but in my outer world. I know that there is a direct connection between the inner and outer- and so I say - hire Ashly if you are ready to experience mega growth!