Your monthly cycle is a roadmap that provides rich and powerful insight into your health and nourishment as a woman. Learning the unique language your body speaks throughout the month allows you to cultivate self awareness, self care and deeper self acceptance in every aspect of your life.  Using this self knowledge, you can prioritize the role your cycle plays in your life to experience the most health, ease, success, joy, and pleasure possible!



Cultivate sustainable self care practices and make peace with your body by learning how to work with, instead of against, her.



Optimize your cycle and your life by learning how to understand and honor what’s actually happening in your body during each phase.



Learn how to track your cycle and work with physical and spiritual gifts (yes really!) hidden in each phase of your menstrual cycle.



Reclaim your cyclical nature by discovering how the lunar phases influence your cycle and psyche each month as a woman.


What is Moon Mapping™?

Each month just like the moon, your body goes through phases.  Far from a luxury, learning how to live in alignment with each phase of your menstrual cycle is a necessity that is every woman’s birthright.

Moon Mapping™ allows you to do understand how you oscillate throughout the month and equips you to plan your life around your period by learning the the unique language your body speaks + how to give her what she needs through each phase.

In The Moon Map™ you’ll learn about the physical, cyclical, hormonal, emotional, social, personal, professional, sexual, sensual, elemental, archetypal and lunar elements of each phase and how to apply this knowledge to every area of your life. 


The best time month to have big conversations or when to ask for a raise or give a killer presentation at work

When you are the most confident, critical, depleted, sexual, sensitive or impulsive

When it’s time to push your body with workouts and when it’s time to take it easy

How to discover and work with the unique patterns that arise in your body and life each month

When to be a social butterfly and when to stay home and Netflix binge

The ancient feminine archetypes of your feminine hormonal phases and the corresponding lunar wisdom that women have aligned with for thousands of years

How to track your cycle & the art of feminine lifestyle design: how to live in alignment with your feminine nature


Experience extreme physical, emotional and energetic ups and downs monthly

Are ready to heal from self, cycle or body based shame or being taught you or your body was “bad”

Have a challenging or irregular cycle but don’t know what to do about it

Regularly feel irritated / stressed / obsessed / anxious / angry / depressed throughout the month

Are numbed out or disconnected from your cycle, sensuality or sense of self as a woman

Have fertility challenges or want to learn how to plan or prevent pregnancy naturally

You identify as a woman and long for deeper embodiment of your femme-ness


The broken record of self doubt & criticism that replays in your head every month

Monthly patterns of low self esteem, deprivation, shame, body image or food issues

Living disconnected from your body or menstrual cycle
(due to pain, numbing out, medications, hormonal imbalance, abuse, trauma or lack of awareness)

Not having a clue what your body or psyche actually goes through each month

Struggling with self sabotage, self love, self care or feeling comfortable in your skin


A healthy connection with your feminine core (womb, feminine identity, sexual energy)

A deeper relationship with your cycle and cyclical wisdom

Sustainable self care practices that support your cycle and your life

Confidence, ease and a healthier relationship with your body

Less painful or debilitating periods

Tools to learn how to work with instead of against your body

MORE: more balance, more pleasure, more joy, more sensuality, more confidence, more nourishment





...your body will always hold you back from the life you want’ll always struggle with your cycle’ll always have body image issues or low self worth’ll never learn how to love, let alone honor, your body'll always have to pretend to be perfect all month long'll never feel sensual, feminine, confident or sexy

...your period will always ruin your life

...and worst of all: you’re secretly afraid it will always be this way.


Working with my cycle radically changed my life, and I know it can change yours too.

Because there is no one size fits all when it comes to your cycle, your body, or your life this guide is meant to be just that: a guide. A guide designed to give you the tools to nourish yourself and access your own cyclical, physical, emotional, sensual and feminine wisdom each month so that you can become the expert on you by getting in touch with what unique tools that YOU need to thrive as a woman each month.


As women, we are deeply affected by the gravitational pull and light of the moon.  The light of the sun, reflected by the moon, is an ancient rhythm our bodies have internalized that rules the fluid nature of our cycle, psyche, sexuality and fertility.

The moon phases stand as a literal and archetypal force to help us understand the polarities of our feminine nature as well as reminding us to honor our bodies as a part of nature.

The moon’s cycle from light to dark is similar to the average length of our menstrual cycles, and each moon phase helps us more deeply understand the feminine archetypes that have served as cross cultural guideposts for women for thousands of years.  As women, we truly did live by the moon.

But over time, the sacred connection between menstruation and the moon was lost and replaced with myths of pain and shame, when really, our body and our cycles are our greatest sources guidance, pleasure and power.  The Moon Map™ serves as a guide to discovering your unique feminine nature and the wisdom beheld by your body and it's relationship with the moon.

i bleed every month, but do not die. 
how am i not magic. 

– the lie

Nayyirah Waheed, Salt



  • Improved hormonal balance

  • Reduced monthly symptoms

  • Activation of your feminine energy

  • Cycle confidence

  • Increased self worth and self awareness

  • Understanding of the role your cycle plays in your life

  • Clarity on your cycle, psyche and libido throughout the month

  • Fertility awareness: learn how to plan or prevent pregnancy naturally

  • Knowledge of your needs and how to best communicate those needs throughout the month

  • A positive relationship with your cycle

  • A deeper, more nourishing relationship with yourself as a woman


I created The Moon Map because it’s something I wish had existed when I was struggling to learn about my own cycle.

I grew up like most girls. I was never shamed for my period (on the contrary, my family celebrated it) but like so many, I was never taught about the ways of the moon, the nuances of my hormonal phases or the sacred nature of my blood.

Like many, I went on birth control at 13 (the first year of my bleed) and stayed on it until I was 23 because of the pain and intensity of my blood flow and the debilitating exhaustion during PreMenstruation each month.

But beyond the discomfort of my period growing up, it took healing from my eating disorder to wake me up to the role my cycle played not only in my healing, but in my life.

I remember it like it was yesterday. I was 22, sitting on a park bench in San Francisco, reflecting on my pain and progress, when awareness hit me like a ton of bricks. 

That was the moment I realized that all of my roadblocks to healing, all of the times I “fell off the wagon” or fell into deep states of bingeing or self loathing, ALL corresponded with the intensity of the PreMenstrual phase of my cycle. That day I felt the distinct knowing that I’d never be the woman I was supposed to be if I didn’t get right with my relationship with body and my cycle. It was one of those moments that changes your life (and in the mysterious way life works, eventually led me to create Femme Rising).

Fast forward to my mid 20s, I had healed from my eating disorder, but still carried intense lethargy associated with my cycle. Over time, the intensity increased, with two full weeks of each month getting lost to the limbo of Pre-Menstruation.  It was like living a half life. My work was impacted.  My cognition was impacted.  My relationships were impacted.  My self worth was impacted.

I thought maybe I had chronic fatigue, or adrenal fatigue, or that my hormones were shot. Imagine my dismay when all my tests came back within healthy ranges. I was distraught.  No one could medically help me understand why my energy was so vastly affected by my cycle.


So I took healing into my own hands and started tracking my cycle.  Over the months, my body revealed messages to me.   I could see the patterns of energy, where my mood, self perception and relationship with work shifted.  Even though I was far from having all the answers, it was enough to help me stop feeling crazy or helpless as I started to discover the rhythms of my body's wisdom. Over time I learned how to set time aside in my schedule for my cycle and how to prioritize things like sleep and self care. I learned when I was more sensitive or impulsive and how to begin to feel what my body was telling me after nearly two decades of trying to numb it out.  I learned the days when work wasn't physically or cognitively an option and practiced showing myself compassion and giving myself permission to rest each month.

After years of diligent tracking, I now know that I naturally have a longer cycle, but now only experience low energy only briefly before my bleed. By taking the time to get to know my womb and the moon, my relationship with myself and my body has drastically improved. Healing my cycle is actually what opened me up to doing sensuality work, first personally and then professionally.

Over the years as I learned more about women’s relationships with their bodies, I realized a distinct correlation between women who lived in awareness of their cycles and those who didn’t.

Those who lived in connection, awareness or reverence with their cycles were able to integrate the ups and downs of healing body based trauma or shame and accelerate their sensual embodiment as a result. Cycle based awareness (especially within sensuality work!) has a positive cascade affect on everything from improved self worth and confidence, to quicker healing of trauma related triggers to deeper love, respect and reverence for one’s own unique body and journey.

After personally and professionally experiencing the wide life changing affects of having a healthy and conscious relationship with your cycle,  and it's my true intention that this guide will help you heal and reclaim your own sensual and cyclical wisdom.


embody your feminine power + give back to the earth

As we return more wholly to our bodies, so too do we return more wholly to the Earth herself. As such, 50% of your purchase is going directly to provide disaster relief for the tribes of the Amazon. Your donation will go towards food, shelter, medical attention, rebuilding, reforestation and ensuring their legal protections. Some of the tribes have lost all their land. Others are in dire need of assistance as their food and water sources are now scare or contaminated. Through direct contact with numerous tribes in the Amazon, the donations will be divided into a 1st and 2nd round of assistance. In October 2019 there will be a gathering of Tribal Leaders facilitated through Aniwa and The Boa Foundation. At that time we will know where the donations are best distributed for the 1st round: you can also donate directly to them right here. The 2nd round of donations will be given directly to the tribes when my sister Niko and I ( / @sacredtools) go to the Amazon in February 2020. We’ve currently raised over $2000! We thank you in advance for your contribution of giving back to the Earth and her sacred guardians while also cultivating and coming home to your Feminine Power.


How much time do I need to set aside to track my cycle daily?

Tracking itself takes less than a few minutes a day.  If you choose to reflect in more detail on any particular day or phase, you may set aside 5-10 minutes of journaling daily or more during certain phases.

If I have an irregular cycle, can TMM help me get regular?

Many women don’t know that a “regular cycle” can actually range from 24-36 days each month and many women with “irregular cycles” (some ranging from 33-60 days in length) find that their body does actually follow a pattern.

TMM is excellent resource for tuning into the health and lifestyle factors that may be affecting your cycle.  One of the biggest reasons for amenorrhea and an irregular cycle is stress (internal stress or external stress, nutritionally or lifestyle based), so brining awareness self care to this is can bring forth significant shifts to your body.

While we cannot guarantee that your will develop a “regular” cycle, if you track consistently you will be able to see the patterns and factors that affect the length and regularity of your cycle.

Further, if you decide to seek medical treatment or have hormonal testing, having record of your cycle will be very insightful for you personally, as well as, for your medical provider. 

I have amenorrhea and don’t want to track my cycle in order to bleed regularly, but do want to tune into my relationship with myself as a woman, is TMM a good fit for this?

Femme Rising respects every woman’s desire to choose what’s right for her body and her life and understands that every woman has unique health and lifestyle factors contributing to her relationship with menstruation.  

By our nature, whether we bleed or not (due to amenorrhea, pregnancy, breastfeeding or menopause) women are cyclical beings, and learning how to recognize, work with and honor the cycles you experience will help you understand your unique body, psyche, cycles and needs for nourishment.

In this way, TMM is a wonderful addition to any woman’s life who desires a deeper connection with herself in moon, mind, body or spirit, whether she bleeds or not.

Do you have a refund policy?

If you track daily for 3 months, we can guarantee that you will experience results. We are so sure that you will experience significant awareness and change in your body / cycle / psyche / life that we offer a money back guarantee.  

Track your cycle for 3 months, if you see no improvement all you have to do is submit a copy of your cycle calendar to, and we’ll issue a refund (minus the donation that portion is non-refundable upon purchase).

I want to learn how to plan or prevent pregnancy naturally, can The Moon Map help me do that?

Yes, TMM can be a helpful aid in determining your monthly window of fertility — planning and preventing pregnancy takes nuanced and detailed attention and dedication to cycle tracking as well as a regular cycle.

For best results, we suggest pairing TMM with an additional form of tracking such as the Fertility Awareness Method or a Fertility App.

Can I use TMM if I’m pregnant or breastfeeding?

Yes, absolutely. TMM is about living in alignment with our feminine cycles, of which pregnancy and breastfeeding are cycles in and of themselves.

During pregnancy, tracking with TMM can help you tune into the nuances of each trimester, can help bring awareness to what is shifting for you in body, spirit, or psyche, and can provide the space to reflect create moon based rituals based on your evolving physical, spiritual and internal states. 

Breastfeeding is another phase of feminine embodiment and by tracking your internal shifts and fluctuations during this time, it can bring many beneficial insights into your feminine nourishment, self care, needs, emotions, intuitions and an increased sense of self identity as you physically, emotionally, psychologically, sensually and spiritually navigate motherhood.

Whether pregnant or breastfeeding, may not have a monthly cycle, but your body and being are still expressing deeply cyclic rhythms.

Can I benefit from TMM if I’ve had a hysterectomy, or am Perimenopausal or Menopausal?

Yes, yes, yes a thousand times yes! A woman’s life cycle is cyclic in and of itself.
Whatever age you find yourself in, whatever physical condition, the body has cellular memory. If your womb has been removed, or you are in the process of / have ceased bleeding, the cellular structure still holds the imprint of menstruation and your body has internalized the ancient rhythm of the each feminine phase.

The moon is a beautiful barometer of nature and change. Reflected in it’s light each month, we are able to tune in and honor our energy, needs and provide awareness and compassion for the sacred changes we experience throughout the lunation of our lives.

If you don’t bleed, or you feel disconnected from your cyclical nature, or you feel that there could be healing or sacred awareness brought to your wombspace, TMM is a great way to return to your feminine center while also bringing as sense of ritual to your relationship with self within the great cycles of life.

***Please note: in order to be eligible for refund, you must provide a copy of of 3 months of consecutive tracking, we cannot offer a refund without it.

By purchasing this product, you agree to the terms under our Terms + Conditions Policy. For more information  click here.