oyoga is a revolutionary and sensual style of yoga that helps women access the feminine wisdom that lives in the body through breath, movement and sensation.



Classes are a fun, healing, empowering space for those who identify as FEMME to find courage to feel by returning to and turning on the sensual wisdom of their bodies: think Vinyasa meets Burlesque meets Kundalini in a light, supportive, sexy and transformative setting.  Through unique range of breath techniques, micro-movements, core work, back body strengthening, mula bandha activation and sensuality techniques, we work with parts of the body not readily accessed in other forms of yoga or movement, which lends big breakthroughs in Mind / Body / Spirit / Shakti.

OYoga brings a grounding approach to the body as we incorporate strength and sensation to re-activate the tissue, musculature and nervous system to support the physiological activation of hormones, neurotransmitters and Shakti through the body. 

Throughout the course of a class, women often come back to their bodies in real time and experience feeling safe and sexy as they access the unique embodiment of their feminine expression.


Sensuality simply means we utilize our senses. Because the breath is the primary pathway to our senses, there is an emphasis on the breath and synchronizing the inhalation and exhalation with specific movements that activate our Shakti.

So many women are either over stimulated (from stress, technology, societies high expectations) or numbed out (from food, drugs, vibrators, childbirth, trauma or pressure of how a woman "should be") that bringing breath and sensation back to the body is often a simple but revolutionary experience.  

The movements are similar to what you've probably experienced in other yoga classes, but practiced in sequences to work specifically with the female body.  In any given class, we address the myriad of topics that affect modern women and through OYoga you are given the tools to heal any shameful, disempowered or numbed out parts of yourself.  We focus on certain techniques such as hip circles, hip tilts, mula bandha, tantric breath work and sensuality techniques to drop into presence with our senses.


The O stands for Orgasmic Yoga ... but before you get your panties in a bunch and let the name scare you away, it's more about learning how to live orgasmically than actually having orgasms in class!  While OYoga will provide you with tangible tools to help increase your libido and improve your sensuality, sexuality and sex life in general (who doesn't want that!) each class is built to create a very safe and welcoming space for each woman to fully experience the sensations, movements, expressions of her unique body. 

On one hand, OYoga is about living a fully delicious and sensual life that is open to all of the possibilities and pleasures that are available to us through the activation of our senses.  And on the other, it's about giving women get the permission and tools they need to the tools to heal, activate and own their feminine power so that they can live TURNED ON LIVES empowered by and in connection with their sensual nature.


There will be opportunities for men to participate as class sizes grow and workshops are offered, but for now, the small and sacred class space is only for those who identify as FEMME.  If you identify as non-binary, trans or are in transition, please CONTACT ASHLY HERE to make sure OYoga will be an appropriate and supportive space for you!

Men - we love you and thank you for understanding and supporting this work!


OYoga was created by Ashly's teacher, the late and legendary Psalm Isadora. Traveling to India every year to study with her guru (Sri Amritananda Natha Saraswati, the Founder of Devipuram in India) in the lineage of Sri Vidya (Knowledge of the Goddess), Psalm considered how the Shakta Tantra practices were carried on through male gurus and she imagined a Tantric system created by women for women to heal and activate their Shakti: thus OYoga was born.

Psalm's life work was to ameliorate sex based suffering and shame, and she created OYoga as a vehicle for women to tap into their sexuality and sexual energy by facilitating the awakening Shakti.  Shakti is your birthright, it is intrinsic in all.  Accessing this energy feels delicious + helps you heal whats been holding you back + gives you rocket fuel for your life + that's what OYoga is all about: embodying your best life.

Due to Psalm's untimely death, Ashly is one of only a few people qualified and recognized by Yoga Alliance to teach this style.  To learn about what people have to say about class with her, CLICK HERE.


Ashly Rose Wolf is a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) and Women's Sensuality Coach, who teaches women how to reactivate the sensual intelligence of their bodies to reclaim their primal feminine power.  In addition to completing 200 hours of Prana Vinyasa Evolutionary Teacher Training with Shiva Rea, Ashly was initiated into the ancient Shakti Goddess teachings of Sri Vidya and completed of 300 hours of training with her late teacher, world renowned Tantra Expert, Psalm Isadora in OYoga, Kundalini Tantra and Primal Core Yoga.

The Founder of FEMME RISING, Ashly leads live and online classes, workshops and retreats to help women heal + activate + own their Shakti.