Do you feel like something is missing in your life? Do you want to feel sexy, embrace your femininity and have more energy? Do you want to love your body and feel more confident in expressing yourself and your desires? Is there something gathering within you?  A force of energy that is ready to be reclaimed and awakened?


As a woman, your sexuality, your cycle, your senses are your SUPERPOWERS.  

UNLEASHED is a 4 week one on one coaching program created for you to reclaim your body and activate your feminine power source, your SHAKTI, to live a confident and empowered life.


Do you feel shame or self-conscious about

  • Your body, sex or pleasure (you deny or restrict these primal forms of nourishment)
  • Being a woman and having feminine cycles (aka about the fact you bleed and need special nourishment throughout the month)
  • Your sexuality (due to trauma, fear, limiting beliefs or lack of sexual expression)
  • Expressing yourself sensually or sexually (feeling safe in owning your body or your authentic, powerful, sexy self)
  • Experiencing pleasure (this could range from experiencing joy daily to difficulty or inability to reach orgasm)


UNLEASHED is a personal guidance program that will guide you back to your own inner wisdom as a woman uses a blend of practical and energetic tools to help you reawaken your instinctual, sensual and sexual feminine nature.


During our time together, we’ll work with your body’s unique energy system to heal any pain, shame or dysfunctional energy that is blocking your ability to honor your senses, body, life, feminine cycles or desires.  


Using a blend of holistic nutrition, tantra (an ancient yogic science), OYOGA and cycle syncing, we will reprogram and activate your SHAKTI (your feminine sexual power) so that you can live a confident, empowered and turned on life.

Are you ready to reprogram your relationship with your confidence to love yourself, your body, your health, you femininity, your sexuality, your expression, your choices and your desires?



We will have four one on one 60-minute sessions, plus you will receive access to unlimited e-mail support for the time we are working together.  Based on the unique vision vision you have for your body, your femininity, your sexuality or your life, you will also receive a series of personalized practices to integrate between sessions.



Rapid results.  Practical tools to ignite your SHAKTI and reprogram beliefs about yourself, your femininity, your sexuality and your relationship with your body.  Discovery of your unique blend of soul food to live life that feels good to live and a body that feels good to live in.

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