Energy doesn't lie.  It will lead you everywhere you need to go in life, if you let it.  You can either be open to it and embrace it or closed and reject it, but ether way the energy is there.  

There is energy that is yours (and it's kind of like your unique energetic finger print) … and then there is energy that is not yours.  And a huge part of my awakening involved recognizing how much energy that was around me that wasn't actually mine.  

Some the energy that is around you but isn't yours, is the loving/light energy of your guides … and these energetic guides can be angels, deities, ascended masters, old loved ones whose spirits have stuck around, etc.  Two of my guides are Jesus and Mary Magdalene which I think is HILARIOUS because I'm Jewish and growing up these two archetypes were no where near my field of consciousness.  But they are now … and right now … while I'm speaking, Jesus is saying he want's me to use his r e a l name, which is Yeshua … because really, how do you think a Spanish based name existed in the Mediterranean over 2 thousand years ago?  (his words, not mine!)

Anyway, Yesh and Mary are part of my power team, and I call them into my field multiple times daily, mostly for protection but also sometimes for clarity and just to bask in their lovely golden light.

And the protection piece is really big for me, because the part of my awaking that involved awareness of the energy that wasn't mine was really freaky.  I can feel things like spirits and astral entities, and that is something I am still learning how to identify and deal with.  And since I'm also clairaudient, there were the energies that I could hear … which was another Trip (with a capital T) all together.  Like the time I was sitting in the park stretching after a run (which I later found out used to be a cemetery that they didn't move all the bodies from … creepy) and hearing a scary voice tell me that it was going to take my fit born?  Yah, F R E A K Y.  Not to mention that people get sent to the looney bin for "hearing" shit like that.  

Luckily I knew that these energetic "gifts" were emerging within me, so I didn't actually feel like I needed to commit myself, and for further confirmation, the moment I got up and walked away, the voice dropped.  But anyway I digress, back to the energy. Like everything in the universe, there are polarities.  Good bad.  Light dark. Yin yang.  Positive negative.  Masculine feminine.

And so this is the same with the energy within each of us.  Even though you are a "light being" you still have all of these elements of polarity within your energy field.  That's why sometimes you can feel bad vibes when you walk into a bogged down negative room or you feel good when you are around someone who is super loving and positive - you are just picking up on the polarity of their energy.  As human beings, part of our energy field is within our physical body (chakras, meridians, etc) and part of our energy field is our aura, a big egg like energy field that can range from a few inches off of the body to a few feet, and sometimes even further.  

When I was waking up, because of previous trauma and substance abuse, my aura had holes all over it, and over time, those holes allowed a bunch of energy "baddies" to get into my already super sensitive field.  So when I was waking up, I could feel and hear them.  Now I know what it feels like when I'm carrying an energy that isn't mine, and I also know that I have to protect and cleanse my energy daily.  I pull in and protect my aura in before going into a public place, like restaurants, bars or concerts.  I'll protect it before being in the presence of people who I know have wonky energy.  I'll cleanse while or after being in the company of someone loud or vexatious.  And if I'm in the company of people who are super angry or negative, I've gotten to the point where I actually just have to leave and dismiss myself from the intensity of their energy all together.  I don't start feeling angry or negative if I'm around them, but my sensitivity levels are such that I can feel the intensity of their energy bouncing off of my energy and it is very uncomfortable.

When protecting, I call in my guides and picture myself inside of my aura-egg, and see gold liquid light dripping in and filling my physical body and emanating out into my aura.  Sometimes they are golden bubbles but mostly these days, the liquid light is what fills me up.  Sometimes I also picture this golden light emanating from the inside out, starting at my heart and projecting outwards like a laser beam.  And when cleansing, I again picture myself in my little egg, and see the energies that aren't mine drip off of me like ink dissolving into water.  The energies that aren't mine waft outta my egg and and into the ether, to be sent back to the ultimate source of all that is, which is pure LOVE. 

And even though I've been a self-love junkie for awhile now, I'm just now learning now that part of why self love is SO IMPORTANT is because pure love, being the highest vibration, has the power to expel all those bad fuckers right outta your orbit.  So, some people who are self-loathing, manic, super depressed or addicts (to name a few conditions) more easily have holes in their aura, which makes it easier for these energies to interact with their biological system, and in turn affect the reality in which they function ... and it's kind of staggering when you start to think about how many people are walking around with energies that aren't their own.

So my dear, the whole point of this post is to ask you, what's the state of your energy?  Is your energy protected?  Are you around people that deplete it or are you engaging in behaviors that create holes in your field?  What can you do to restore protection and balance to your energy daily?  Chances are you know the answer to this yourself … and if you don't … like I mentioned at the beginning, ask for guidance and follow the energy and it will lead you towards the people or the resources that can help you bridge the gap.

love + lightbeams,

Ashly Wolf

Ashly is the creator of which seeks to uplift, inspire and educate women about their body, their sensuality, their femininity, their connection to spirit and to help them reclaim their powerful role as women within society. Ashly is also the founder of, where she coaches women on radical self love and guides them towards living a life filled with confidence and desire.