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"The creation Mother is always also the Death Mother and vice versa. Because of this dual nature, or double-tasking, the great work before us is to learn to understand what around and about us and what within us must live, and what must die. Our work is to apprehend the timing of both; to allow what must die to die, and what must live to live.” - Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes

This moon asks, what within you begs to live?

Maybe you know, maybe you don’t.  Whichever it is, as we enter into the newness of spring, as we see from the birds and the bees and the grass and the tress, what lives needs time and s p a c e to grow.

Your task this New Moon is to tend to what will it take from you to let your life bloom.

What are you passionate about? What really truly brings you joy, meaning, pleasure and presence? 

Cultivate more of that.  Seek it out.  Find what you need and direct your energy and nourishment there.  Let it grow and take root within you.

If there’s something you’re holding onto that’s keeping you from budding into bloom: someone you need to forgive (yourself or another) or something you need to release, use this New Moon to let it go.  

It’s not your place to carry what’s no longer living with you.

What must live can't do so if you are clinging to the branches of the past or dragging around old ways of being that no longer serve you.  

 Allow what must die to die in order to allow what must live to live.

So clean out your closets (literal or metaphorical).  Honor your body and shift your diet into local, seasonal Spring foods that work for you.  Use this Aries New Moon to take action on what desires to take root within you as you MAKE SPACE to bloom.

Because, just like spring, life isn't passive.  It's active.  It requires energy.   

In yoga there is Tapas, the inner fire.

These are the flames, the embers, the smallest sparks that live within us, that we keep tending to, to keep our inner fire (the fire of life) burning.

This heat is how we  digest life (food and experiences), how we burn through the imprints or experiences that once bound us (sort of like karma, but known as samskaras), its how we heal the somatic trauma that lives in our bodies and how we take action to live the life we desire.

Fire is the fastest path to transformation, and this moon, the energy of Aries (a fire sign) urges you  back to your inner fire.  Let it burn away what's no longer needed so that you can raise your wings towards what's waiting for you.

Use this moon to stoke the smallest spark that desires to burst into flame, because (just with all the sacred cycles of life, death and rebirth) this is how the phoenix rises.

Let it burn + let it bloom,

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