Taurus invites us to remember the sensual innocence of being in a body.

This moon says FEEL.  Be here.  Breathe.  Feel your heartbeat.  Be in your body.  FEEL what it means to be a SENSUAL BEING.

Taurus is one of my favorite signs because it's all about sensual, earthly pleasures.  It’s about connecting to your body, to Mama Earth and allowing SENSORY experiences to guide you closer and closer towards what feels good.  

We live in a society that gets numbed out (with technology, social media, trauma, food and booze just to name a few) and so your prompt with this new moon is to GET SENSUAL.

And yes, while sensuality is paramount in your sexuality and the quality of your sexual experiences, I invite you to scale back the intersection of sensuality and sexuality to literally just TUNE INTO YOUR SENSES.  To explore feeling through the portal of your body, with a sense of innocence. 

To feel sunshine on your skin, full breath in your lungs, feeling sensually engaged in this present moment.

That doesn’t mean you can’t get sexy or bring this sense of sensuality into the bedroom, but what I really encourage you to do this moon is to allow yourself to enjoy the simple pleasures of being in your body and to have gratitude towards what your body allows you to experience.

So if you have issues with your body, with confidence, or shame, or issues of perfection … use this moon to practice DROPPING THE STORY ABOUT YOUR BODY and enjoying the experience of BEING IN YOUR BODY.  

If you've been physically, emotionally, spiritually, sensually or sexually numb for awhile (aka suppressing, rejecting or avoiding feeling anywhere in your body or your being) then try these baby steps to begin re-sensitizing.

Start with your breath.  Close your eyes and take three long, deep, big belly inhales.  Inhale to the count of 4.  Hold for 4.  Exhale for 4.  Hold for 4 on the release. 

Try it right now.  Close your eyes and breathe.

How’d it feel?

Do you notice any sensations that are different now that you’ve brought fresh energy into your body?  Any difference in your emotional state, presence, physical body or state of mind? 

Breath is the primary pathway to our senses: it calms the nervous system while heightening our sensual capacity to FEEL.  This is great for activating our Shakti, tuning into our intuition, re-sensitizing, healing trauma and just generally feeling good.

The more we dwell in the realm of sensation (the sensory, sensuous, the physical feeling state) the more we access the right brain.

The more we access the right brain through breath, movement, presence and pleasure, the more we are able to let the judging, logical, linear left side of the brain rest.

The deeper you breathe the better you'll feel and the deeper the breath the MORE you'll feel.

So, the next sensual tip I have for you to tune back into your body is to close your eyes again, and continue the 4 count deep belly breathing, but this time take your fingertips and allow them to caress your skin.  Lightly, allow your touch to travel your skin.  The softer your touch, the greater the sensation.  

Find what feels good.  Allow yourself to bring sensation to the parts of your body you neglect the most.  Your belly, your elbows, your feet.  

We are a touch starved society and unfortunately so many of us rely on touch from external sources.  Let yourself re-establish a connection with your own touch this moon.

So let your fingertips graze your skin with innocence and ease.  

This practice is a great gateway to generating greater awareness, deeper sensation, increased pleasure and yes, self-love (even if you struggle with it) towards your body.

After you’ve explored tuning into your own body and finding what feels good, have some fun with the sensual energy of this moon to help you further break down the barriers that keep you from the EARTHLY SENSUAL DELIGHTS of your body and enjoying life and all of its sensuality.  One of the best ways to practice getting sensual is to simply spend time in nature.

This weekend and into the next few weeks, use this time to tune in and prioritize the simple and natural things that bring you pleasure and joy.  Witness the seasonal shifts by getting outside and moving your body.

So many people have adversions to incorporating "pleasure" or "sensuality" into their lives because it feels like just another obligation, but all you really have to do is give yourself permission to BREATHE + MOVE YOUR BODY + FEEL (aka consciously use your senses as you go about your day). 

A few of my fav ways to stay sensual are as simple as sitting in my backyard without any agenda for 10 minutes a day or taking my dogs for a walk in the big park by my house.  For me, the simple acts of being outside reconnect me to my sensual awareness.

This moon, use your senses, let your body be the doorway and allow nature to help guide you towards simple and innocent sensual pleasures.  

Sit under the stars, walk in the cool morning air, take a bath, walk barefoot on the grass, watch the leaves rustle through the trees, sit outside and watch the sun set or the moon rise.

Getting sensual is a great way to heal body and self based shame.  The more permission we give ourselves to FEEL, the more permission we give ourselves to HEAL. The more deeply we can heal over time, the more deeply we can show up from a state of presence and enjoy the simple and profound pleasures of life, deprived from an innate appreciation for being alive and living in connection to the body we call home.

For more tangible tools, make sure to download my Sensual Self Care Guide and join the FR FB Group.

YOU DESERVE TO FEEL GOOD, so allow yourself to connect with nature and practice activating your senses so you can ENJOY being a sensory based being.

What will you do this weekend to tune into Taurus and get sensual???  Let me know in the comments below!



Ashly Wolf

Ashly is the creator of FemmeRising.com which seeks to uplift, inspire and educate women about their body, their sensuality, their femininity, their connection to spirit and to help them reclaim their powerful role as women within society. Ashly is also the founder of HealthySexyHungry.com, where she coaches women on radical self love and guides them towards living a life filled with confidence and desire.