This Aries moon is asking us to embrace our WILD NATURE in order to channel our passions into bold action.

And this month, as women, that means fanning our own inner flames by making a bold break with anything that keeps us from connecting with our own INNER WILD NATURE.

This Aires New Moon is all about BOLD ACTION … and it's important to know that while sometimes bold action can feel liberating and expansive, it can also *extremely uncomfortable* … especially when it’s time to acknowledge and release the things you keep suppressed or hidden from view.

New Moons are really potent portals for revealing the hidden layers of shadows that we carry.  The magic of this moon is that we can release the layers that are ready to be shed into the darkness so that we can light the inner fire we and step boldly into what desires to born within us.

What people can conveniently leave out about embracing our inner wild nature is the part about nature equally encompassing darkness and light ... but this Super Moon amplifies the need to allow ourselves to be guided back to the roots of our own darkness in order to be reminded of the fiery light of our truth.

By embracing our shadows under the dark of the moon, we allow ourselves to enter back into the beauty of our WILD INNER NATURE.  While we try so hard to hide them, there is profound wisdom in our shadows - and by taking time to sit with the parts of ourselves we don't want to look at, we are actually able to see what may be holding us back.

We are all human.  We all have flaws and shadows.  We don't need to keep pretending to be perfect.   Instead of judging yourself for your flaws - how can you get curious about what they are trying to teach you?  How  can you have a sense of gratitude for your failings, your vulnerabilities, your insecurities?

By allowing ourselves to witness and OWN our very real human flaws - we can learn from the wisdom they are here to help us learn.  Instead of judging we can gain perspective and gratitude.

This ARIES SUPER MOON asks you to access and bow down to your own inner wisdom.  Ask yourself what you need to do.  You'll either hear an answer or you already know what it is you need to do (and you'll definitely know you're on the right track if it's something you know don't want to do).  

Where are you tired of hiding, pretending, suppressing?  What are you so sick of?  What is *longing* for your attention?  What do you want that you're afraid to ask for? WHAT DO YOU REALLY WANT?  Let the wisdom of your wild nature come through.

Knowing that you YOU HAVE PERMISSION TO WANT WHATEVER YOU WANT AND TO BE WHOEVER YOU WANT TO BE ... what is the bold action you need to take in order to be YOU?  

Bold action for you might mean healing or releasing something you’ve been clinging onto (a bad habit, and ideal of perfection, needing permission, an eating disorder, a toxic relationship, a limited belief), or it might mean standing in your truth and allowing yourself to feel the range of heartbreak because of it (I know that’s what it's about for me this month).  

Whatever it is for you - have patience and kindness with yourself.

When we work with this kind of energy is really important that we MOVE THROUGH IT so that it doesn't consume us emotionally or stagnate in our cells ... so this moon’s playlist is geared get you movin' and grovin.  CLICK HERE to get your groove on.

As in, LITERALLY get up and jump, walk it out, dance around the house.  Use the music to move through anything uncomfortable or painful (knowing these are very real parts of honoring your darkness) to help you find your wild wisdom.  Connect to your senses, BREATHE, feel you the grounding from beneath your feet and choose consciously release what needs to go.  Then, see what arises as you FREE YOURSELF UP to tap into your inner fire.  

Know that the energy waxing and waning from each moon phase lasts about 3 days, so the peak of energy may occur today on the New Moon, but it's been building for the past 3 days, and will continue to coalesce for 3 more before the moon begins to grow in light.  

Have awareness for how the past few days may have felt for you and over the next few days, give yourself the time, energy and space to sit with THE BOLD EXPRESSION that desires to reveal itself to you.

And, if it's helpful, use the wild and free archetypal Goddess energies of Artemis (the original wild woman) or Kali (the dark one) to help you tap into this expressive and action based energy.

I'd love your feedback on the jams and to to hear what's real for you - share in the comments below if you feel called.

Lots of love,

Ashly Wolf

Ashly is the creator of FemmeRising.com which seeks to uplift, inspire and educate women about their body, their sensuality, their femininity, their connection to spirit and to help them reclaim their powerful role as women within society. Ashly is also the founder of HealthySexyHungry.com, where she coaches women on radical self love and guides them towards living a life filled with confidence and desire.