The wisdom of this Aires Moon is here to evoke your inner warrior - for you to rise into the action she's been waiting for.

What's she whispering?  Whats the spark of transformation you're ready to ignite? It's not something you'll have to think too hard about ... you already know.  And you've known for awhile.

… And you're ready now.

So what's that thing??  Admit it, feel it.  Own it, claim it.  Get it, take it. BE IT.

Whatever it is, it's time for action ... and if you take it, there's one thing I can guarantee. There's transformation and liberation waiting for you on the other side.

How can I make such a lofty promise? 

Because Aries is a fire sign … and what happens when you set things on fire?  

They transform.

Fire is the fastest track to transformation and this is the energy we have at our fingertips.

The leaves are changing, falling from their tress … and it's the same with us.  Right now we are being given the nudge we need to let go of who we are NOT in order to become who we're ready to BE.

And because Aries takes action, this moon affords us two options.  We can either stick with what we’ve got and see where it gets us (aka take no action and go nowhere) or we can courageously take action and see where it leads.

As the light in the October sky wanes, the veil between our conscious and unconscious selves grows thinner, and when this happens, our INNER KNOWING kicks in, with attempts to get us to take ACTION on what we need in order to have healthy bodies and boundaries and to live fulfilled and nourished lives.  

It's is a radical sense of knowing.  Because like I said, you already know.

So the message of this moon is simple.


You know what it is.  You know that inner stirring you’ve been feeling in your bones, in your psyche, your soul.

It’s been calling out - and with this Warrior Moon you have the ability to hear it - so let me be clear.

This is not the time to play coy.

To pretend that you don’t really want what you want or that you aren’t the one that is actually in charge of your life.

Don’t chalk it up to fate.   

Fate is determined by a series of events just waiting to see what we choose to act on.


Everything is a choice.  

And this moon is here to present you with a very clear option:  are you going to take her hand and say YES to the wild unknown call that’s been crawling at you from the inside, begging you to hear her?

Or will you shrink back into your small life of determined circumstance and forsake this chance?

If it sounds drastic it’s because it is.  

There is literally BIG MAGIC happening right now.

But it’s only available to you if you say yes. 

So listen.

The hardest part is over because you already know what the thing is! 

YOU KNOW, THE THAT THING THAT’S BEEN GNAWING AT YOU … for weeks, months, years … your whole life.

You know it.

You probably know it so well you wish you didn’t.  

So what is it?




You already have the answer.  I don’t need to coax it out of you.

So honor that.

Love it.

Accept it. 

And then fucking DO SOMETHING about it. 

If your call to action is about your body, about living a feminine life that feels delicious to live, then I have some things for you.

The #HELLYESLIFE challenge is coming.  

Because your body isn’t something you should be struggling with, it’s something you should be celebrating. 

Your relationship with your body as a massive impact on your relationship with life, so over the next few days on Instagram, I’m literally going to be sharing ALL of the biggest secrets that led me to self love, weight loss, understanding my cycle and most of all, honoring my feminine truth.  You can follow along HERE @femme.rising.

And if you want more, if something in you is screaming HELL YES to heal the body issues that hold you back from living a delicious, joyful, life in a body you love, adore and understand, then get on the list for SHAKTI BODY, a program where you'll:

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develop a more meaningful relationship with yourself as a woman

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cultivate core strength, confidence and ease in your body

But look - I want you to know something - if I’m not the one for you, or you know what you need to do and it’s something else that is on your own, something that means starting new journey or leaving an old one behind- please know you aren’t alone.

Know that you can take this BOLD BIG FUCKING TRANSFORMATIVE ACTION and be supported while you do it.  Just about every woman I look up to has had help.  In fact, no woman that I admire has gotten to where she is in business or life or love alone.  

Yes, sometimes the heroine’s journey means we have to go into the wilderness alone … but more often than not it also means opening up for the vulnerability that can lead us to the support we need for healing, direction or guidance.   

So what ever action you take, do one favor or me?  Include some women on your journey.  

As FKA Twigs says,

Vulnerability is the strongest state to be in.

So open up, let the love in.  You aren’t alone, you never were, and the more you relate with other women the more fun and meaning and healing you’ll have. 

Your final push?  You know the Joseph Campbell quote, "the cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek" ... well it's time to let you inner warrior take you to the cave and let her lead/push/shove you in.

Whatever you do, stop waiting.  Evoke your inner warrior and let her lead you where you know you need to go. BECAUSE WOMEN LIKE US DON’T WAIT.  

So, what's it going to be?  What are you yearning for?  What's at least one action step you're going to take to make it happen? I'd love to hear from you and support you in the comments below.  

Here's to bold action and big dreams,


Ashly Wolf

Ashly is the creator of which seeks to uplift, inspire and educate women about their body, their sensuality, their femininity, their connection to spirit and to help them reclaim their powerful role as women within society. Ashly is also the founder of, where she coaches women on radical self love and guides them towards living a life filled with confidence and desire.