This is a big moon for embodiment.  It's also the time of year for intention, yes.  But beyond the intellect of your intentions, how do you plan to e m b o d y your desire?

Venus in the fire and faith fueled sign of Sagittarius asks us to remember the wisdom of the body as we create our foundation for the future.  The body is the primary vehicle for experiencing life, use this moon to tune into where you need to strengthen your physical foundations.  

You may not know what it is yet.  You may have an idea.  You may still be processing in addition to gathering the insight and info. you need to move forward in the New Year.

Don't rush into "New Years Intentions" ... let them simmer within you for a bit.  The ruling sign of this full moon, Sagittarius begs you to leave your intellect behind for awhile to let your sensual instincts speak up and invites you to use this moon to F E E L into what you want. 

Sagittarius is the mystical creature of the Zodiac: half human, half centaur, she is ruled by her instinctive nature.  She operates from the wisdom of her body.  It's nearly impossible for her not to follow her heart.  Deeply connected to Spirit, and filled to the brim with faith and optimism, she lends us the crucial ability to run wildly towards our desires, and as The Archer, she's unrelenting in her aim.  After she sets her sight on what she wants, she rarely doesn't get it.  

But, because she is a no BS soul filled sign, she knows that these aren't just superficial desires.  She knows that these are the whispers of her soul's deepest expression for embodiment.

The past few months the stars have been urging us to get to the root.  To excavate.  To extract.  To alchemize.  All has been leading to the awareness arising with this Moon, and the series of Moons to come, which will lead us deeper into the truth of our desires.

The past few moons have had us look at our taboos and wounds (Scorpio) and likely had us feeling very cerebral and reflective in processing our progress on the path (Gemini).  With the great cosmic teacher Saturn finishing his 3 year transit through Sagittarius right now, we've been reliving or remembering significant life lessons, if you have Sag in your chart in significance (in your Sun, Rising or Moon) then these lessons have likely been unrelenting.

That's because Saturn won't really leave us until we've learned the lesson.  So take stock of what's come up for you so far this month.  Triggers, patterns, pain are all arising to be released.  But you've got to be willing to allow them to surface and be seen so you can let them go.

If you're healing some real shit, releasing or realizing deeply held patterns (which is very possible with what the stars have been dealing us recently) then be with that.  This time of darkness is here to remind you that once you deeply you accept what has been rejected, or fully more you live the depth of the lesson to learn it: the more wildly you'll rise when the time is right.

As we approach the apex of darkness with the Winter Solstice, you're also asked to remember the intuitive intelligence and fertility of what's being alchemized right now.

"It is in this place that the seed can crack open and take root.  This cannot happen in the light, where all is seen and recognized. It must happen under the cover of darkness, where only trust can assure one of success.  This is the way of nature and it must be honored.  

Then, when it is time, it will leap like a wild creature, all instinct and intuition, into the morning light.  
For this moment, however, there is darkness.  
And that is essential for the appearance, so immanent, of the light on it's way."

Alana Fairchild

This moon is an opportunity to anchor back into the body and tune into the sensual instincts and rhythms of your body.  To get clear on what you need from the standpoint of your physical foundation (aka your body) in order to move into the New Year with a solid relationship with what nourishes and sustains your growth.

Sag has a fierce sense of optimism and Venus to bring a sweetness in, so if you lack confidence or lean towards cynicism and doubt, allow this moon to lend positivity and determination in engaging the sensual wisdom of your body.  Because your body is an animal and her sensual wisdom knows what you need.  Tune into your SENSES and allow this sensual intelligence to guide you towards what feels good / healthy / alive / in alignment for you.

Let go of the taboo of pleasure and feeling good in your body.  Your body is completely natural.  Your desires are completely natural.  Experiencing pleasure is completely natural.  The only thing that isn’t natural is the idea that pleasure (aka FEELING GOOD) is bad.

The suppression of pleasure leads to distortion and imbalance in your life (perhaps you can see where that has been true for you)?

This moon gives you PERMISSION to explore what pleasure means to you by allowing your body (not your mind) to guide you.  It wants you to explore what the next phase of embodiment could bring (aka 2018) if you allow feeling good in your body to be the compass for feeling good in your life.  So:

What's your relationship with your body?
What's your relationship with your cycle?
What's your relationship with your sexuality?
Your sensuality?
Your self expression?

Are you numbed out but ready to be turned on?  Are you self conscious but ready to cultivate confidence?  Are you healing but beginning to be willing to feel? Are you reclaiming your body and reclaiming your voice?

This moon wants to know, how would your life be different if you more fully operated from the wisdom of your body?  How can you create your intentions, and set your aim, based on what your body tells you what she needs (instead of what your mind or society tells you that you "should" do).

But most of all, this moon stands for a powerful reminder that Feminine empowerment begins in the body.

Learning how to feel good is a direct byproduct of l e a r n i n g.
Learning how take care of our female form.
Learning how to honor our intuition.
Learning how to honor our cycles.
Learning how to come home to our bodies.
Learning how to heal / release / feel.
Learning how to feel safe / sacred / sexy.

This is a loving reminder that you don't need all the answers: but it a deeper calling for you to allow yourself to learn, and learn how to give yourself what you need.

If this speaks to you there are a few Femme Rising opportunities for embodiment coming soon!

If you're ready to increase your relationship with your cycle and your sensuality, I have a special opportunity for you to work with the foundation of your body in this way coming next month. 

If you want some 1 on 1 mentorship from me, I have room to work with 3 women next year, which I'll be announcing next week.

And if you want to reactivate your sexuality, reclaim your self worth or experience sensual confidence, then stay tuned for a new Femme Rising program in February!

In the meantime, embrace this darkness and aim those arrows high.  And then, with faith, aim even higher than what you think is possible for yourself.

Use the energy of this moon to release all the old structures that no longer serve you or your vision.  Honor your instincts and intuition.  Begin to identify and re-align with what matters the most. And re-member that you too are a like a creature a human animal, and that you already have the answers deep inside.  




Ashly Wolf

Ashly is the creator of which seeks to uplift, inspire and educate women about their body, their sensuality, their femininity, their connection to spirit and to help them reclaim their powerful role as women within society. Ashly is also the founder of, where she coaches women on radical self love and guides them towards living a life filled with confidence and desire.