This moon's archetype embodies The Virgin, the true definition of Virgin being: she who is whole into herself.  Far from it’s current interpretation of being someone who has given something away, being a Virgin was an indication of sovereign power.

It had nothing to do with sex or "losing something” to someone.  It was a woman who knew her self, was nourished by her self and lived in alignment with her self.  

She didn’t seek validation or partnerships for her worth. All of her worth was within and she became this way after being given the ability to bloom healthfully through her adolescent years.  She was able to give of her self because she was whole unto herself.

Unfortunately now, the feminine rights of passage (from maidenhood to motherhood to cronehood) aren’t marked by a woman's inner strength or sense of sovereignty.  Instead, the thresholds are often marked by the very opposite.  Instead of wholeness, confidence and wisdom, she carries the wounds, suppression or shame acquired in her adolescent or Virgin years.  

This Moon asks you to reconnect with the Virgin that still lives within you. The Parts of her that need your love, attention or healing. The parts of her that need to be forgiven or witnessed. The parts of her that need permission or acceptance.

There are often deeply physical and emotional experiences from our adolescence that get stored in our cells, and instead of being able to release them, we bury them.

This moon wants you to tap into whatever wants to be released.  Maybe it’s a way of thinking about yourself, an expression of identity or a (painful, shameful, embarrassing) memory or an unhealthy relationship. 

Being a New Moon in the sign of The Virgin, we have a deep opportunity to release all that may prevented us from our own inner authority, all the self imposed lies or pieces of pain or shame that may have taken us away from our sovereignty during those years of our life.

Teenage rage.  Low self esteem.  Embarrassment.  Shame. Awkwardness. Imbalances from adolescence such as menstrual pain, shame or avoidance, sexual trauma or shame, negative body image, feelings of rejection or pain don't just go away.

These adolescent imprints hold huge impact on how we interpret and interact with the world as women. It affects our self confidence, sexual self care and confidence and reproductive and hormonal health and creeps into our very identity as women.  

We carry these stored experiences of shame towards our bodies and feelings of be too much or not enough. We carry the memories of being told our bodies were bad, to hide our blood and feel shameful for pleasure.

This moon says, it's time to LET IT GO. It's time to consciously release the imprints of shame or pain that have silently followed (or guided you) since adolescence. The things you've buried that, instead of going away, have created imbalances or patterns in your inner ecosystem.

This moon carries DEEP ALCHEMY and says it's time to let those things go so that you can RECLAIM YOURSELF AND RISE, whole unto yourself. 

This moon asks, how do nourish, resource and care for yourself as a woman? 

What's your relationship with your menstrual cycle?  How do you honor your body sexually?  How do you own your feminine gifts?  Do you honestly and authentically express yourself?  How sensually alive are you?  How obsessed are you with your appearance?  Is a healthy relationship with pleasure a part of your life?  How do you move and nourish yourself physically? 

More specifically, how is your relationship with yourself as a woman now rooted a result of adolescence?

What was the experience around your first bleed?  Were you slut shamed?  Did you experience sexual taunting, trauma or abuse?  What was your relationship with your body like? Were your gifts recognized and encouraged? Were you self critical or perfection driven? Were you taught that there was something wrong with you because you were a female?

How might these patterns still be affecting you today?  How might what happened then still be happening for you now?

Your work this New Moon is to release what’s compromising your relationship with yourself, to RECLAIM the parts of yourself you had to reject and to take responsibility for your wellbeing as a woman. 

Primary things we should be taught as girls and into adolescence is: Sex is healthy.  Bleeding is natural.  Woman’s bodies oscillate. Pleasure is innocent. YOUR BODY AND YOUR BOUNDARIES ARE YOURS.

Because no one else can “give you” your sovereignty, tell you you’ve arrived or crown you Queen.  Your sovereignty is up to you and you’re the only one who can claim it.  This is what the Virgin is.  She is the one that asks you to be the Queen of Your Own Life, to be whole unto yourself and to reclaim your power.

So what’s the story, the feeling, the memory, imprint, lie or experience that you’re ready to release?

Maybe it’s conscious maybe it’s not.  Maybe this moon its just a feeling.  Maybe it’s just praying.  Whatever it is, if your bitchy ego creeps in, remind yourself that YES you are worthy and YES you are worth it.

You deserve to have a healthy connection with your sexual power, your body, your self awareness, your personal needs for nourishment + fulfillment, your unique self expression.  You deserve to life a live free from shame and pain.  You deserve to live a life that allows you to feel, heal and recognize the patterns that no longer serve you so that you may create new ones that do.

So step up.  Come home and give the Virgin inside of you the love, forgiveness or acceptance that she might have so desperately needed back then.

Choose to reclaim your worth and let go of all the shit that keeps you from it.

And then if you get tripped up or triggered, remind yourself that you’re still worthy.  And come back home again.  And again, and again.

Everything you’re searching for is inside of you,


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Ashly Wolf

Ashly is the creator of which seeks to uplift, inspire and educate women about their body, their sensuality, their femininity, their connection to spirit and to help them reclaim their powerful role as women within society. Ashly is also the founder of, where she coaches women on radical self love and guides them towards living a life filled with confidence and desire.