Okay party people, if you were on the ride from the last Full Moon (aka the Solstice and Full Moon Blue Moon) up to this Full Moon in Capricorn, it was probably an intense month for you!  And when I say intense, I mean it in a full spectrum, in every sense of the word kind of way.  

Amazingly intense as in: some super gorgeous, revealing and illuminating kind of ways … and intense in some super come to Jesus kind of ways ... and if you were anything like me this month, you had lots of both :)

The past month has been big in terms of release, so maybe you’ve been on a cleanse (emotionally, technically, spiritually, physically), maybe you had to say goodbye or let something die in your life (old ways of being or a relationship you’ve outgrown), maybe you realized you need to massively get your shit together or you need to release control for a while.

Whatever your experience with the intensity has been, the beautiful thing about it is that it lets us dive deep, going quickly and powerfully where we need to go, and it also gives us the tools to resurface and shift with just as much speed.

And that’s what this Full Moon in Capricorn is about - shifting.  Specifically, following through with whatever emerged for you between the Solstice and the powerful (aka innnntenssse!) New Moon we just had in Cancer.  The Solstice last month created a super charged container of energy that allowed us to move through something, to realize something or to become something.  Whatever it was for you, there was shift.  And then the last New Moon had you diving deep into it.  

These shifts can feel really heavy, and for some of us the intensity seems like too much and so we try avoid or suppress them. 

But right now it's time to ready your ship and stay the course, because chances are, what came up for you recently was significant .... really significant ... like a lighting bolt that jolts you back to the reality of what really matters to you. 

Significant in a wow, this one thing is actually really important to me and might actually change the trajectory of my life and I need to give it some major priority in my life kind of way.  And whatever it was, I’m guessing it was significant in a way that will allow your life to be significantly better. 

Maybe for you that means cultivating more people in your life that are on a similar wavelength.  Maybe it means moving cities.  Maybe it means healthier personal boundaries. Maybe it means deepening into your spiritual practice.  Maybe it means getting your financial situation together.  Maybe it means holding out for the thing you know you really want.  Maybe it means it’s time to get your ass in gear with your health or your purpose or taking a big fucking chance.

The thing is, you will never have the life you truly desire unit you are willing to go out there and get it.  And I’m not going to sugar coat it and say it’s all cupcakes and rainbows.  It’s not.  

Living in alignment with ourselves is a tremendous challenge we have to choose to rise to again and again and again.  It requires you to feel more and be more present with what’s real (which is usually super uncomfortable).  It requires you to have discipline and patience for what you really want (which is difficult in an instant gratification society).  

But your soul is not in a rush.  Your soul wants you to do that thing you know you need to do for yourself, and your soul really doesn’t give a shit about how long it takes.  The only thing that your soul really cares about is that you DO IT.  Because, yes truthfully, the more powerfully you show up for yourself, the more uncomfortable the shifts will be.  But, the catch is, the more uncomfortable you can allow yourself to be, the quicker things can shift and the more you are able to continue evolving into who you desire to be.

This moon is asking you to show up for yourself and use this time to DO THE WORK (and have some fun while you do it).  Because of the intensity of what’s been going on up in the sky, we have a tremendous advantage working with us to stay in the flow, to guide us where we need to go, and to undergo some pretty rapid transformations … if we allow it to :)

This is the shindig: Capricorn is incredibly grounded, stable and goal oriented.  Cap climbs the mountain, gets back to the bottom and decides to summit it again just because he can.  Capricorn is stubborn, incredibly dedicated and isn’t afraid to fight for what he wants or take the risky route.  What really matters to Cap is that he continues to rise.  Most of all, Cap is about action: so based on what came through for you last month, this is the time to MAKE YOUR MOVE, where the rubber really has the opportunity to meet the road for you …. BUT THIS IS THE CAVEAT!! 

Capricorn is pretty serious - so I want to know how much you can implement this change with a sense of lightness.  Because, right now, you might still be feeling some heaviness that came through the shift from the Solstice/New Moon.  But, it’s time to take that awareness and action and let yourself lighten up while you do it!

A new cycle is upon us, and just like the moon and the wind and the waves, we’ve got to keep flowing.  And right now, it’s time to BOUNCE.  Just like Cap billy goats up and down the mountain, so too can we infuse this buoyancy into the journey.

If you're still feeling heaviness that's okay ... but I want to know how your newfound awareness can be incorporated into your life with a sense of CURIOSITY AND PLEASURE?  With an open sense of wonder of what life looks like when you are willing to show up in a new way?

Because the truth is, Capricorn can be annoyingly stern and serious.  So: using the benefits of the stabilizing, grounding energy Cap provides, how easy and enjoyable can you let it be??  Yes life is hard sometimes, yes growth is painful, yes we love and we lose, yes we get lost and confused.  

But underneath it all, we get to choose how we show up.  Our lives are our choice.  And right now, I ask you to consciously CHOOSE MORE JOY, MORE LIGHTNESS, MORE CURIOSITY. 

The hard times are portals of beauty for us to explore what it means to be fully human.  If you’ve already been through the ringer this month, then EMBRACE this time with open heartedness: be open to what this shift means for you and what it means to fully feel.  

How much flow, joy and ease can you infuse into this shift?  HOW MUCH FUN CAN YOU HAVE?  Because yes, change can be overwhelming, annoying, debilitating and stressful.  But it can also be really fun and exciting if we can let go of how serious it feels.

So this month’s playlist is here to help you bounce through it!  CLICK HERE TO GET IT!

I’ve listened to this song about 5 million times this week ... if you need a pick me up, this is your jam.  Listen to the words :) 

Cap is Earth based, so move your body outside and connect to the Earth. Go hiking, jump around, walk barefoot on the grass, do squats, visualize yourself being grounded and supported by Mama Earth. 

Keep feeling, keep releasing if you need to - but keep moving, find your flow and have some freaking FUN while you do it!

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Lots of love!

Ashly Wolf

Ashly is the creator of which seeks to uplift, inspire and educate women about their body, their sensuality, their femininity, their connection to spirit and to help them reclaim their powerful role as women within society. Ashly is also the founder of, where she coaches women on radical self love and guides them towards living a life filled with confidence and desire.