We are still in Leo season, which means it's a great time for us to continue accessing our personal power in order to RADIATE our medicine into the world.

But in order to truly live from our personal power we have to be able to access our inner knowing.  And in order to access and accept our inner knowing, we must own the parts of ourselves we’ve disowned.  We must call our magic back ... and to truly do this, we must stop suppressing the parts of our body and psyche that carry our deepest wisdom.

And that’s where the watery and intuitive Aquarian nature of this moon asks us to shine our love and awareness.  

What it seeks to know is: where have your denied your feminine intuitive wisdom or denied / abused / ignored the wisdom of your sexual center?  

As women, we have two incredibly powerful guidance systems that we can tap into regularly based on 1. the phase of the moon and 2. the phase of our menstrual cycle.  Unfortunately, most of us are so disconnected from our wild nature and the wisdom of our sexual center that we suppress or deny this wisdom when it arises.

For women, inner visions come the strongest during our Premenstrual and Menstrual Phases … this is when our logic decreases and intuition increases.  As key hormones plummet in preparation for our bleed, we enter into a deeper state of instinct and, if we are willing to tap into it, mysticism and non-linear wisdom.

“The wild nature carries the bundles for healing; she carries everything a woman needs to be and know.  She carries the medicine for all things.  She carries stories and dreams and words and songs and signs and symbols.  She is both vehicle and destination.” Clarissa Pinkola Estes

Each of us carries this unseen medicine within our cells and each of us carries the ability to connect to our intuition and receive the inner guidance we need in order live in alignment ... but in order to access this wisdom, we must choose to live in alignment with it.

The beautiful thing about each Full Moon is that it's illumination affords us the opportunity to see where we are or are not living in alignment with ourselves.

And that’s what this moon is about: Aquarius is the visionary and Leo gives us the courage to have a healthy relationship with ourselves and our cycles in order to stay tuned into our inner guidance. 

If we combine these elements, it boils down to having the courage to trust our visions and our cyclical wisdom.  To trust our intuitive visions, the messages we receive from our bodies and to honor the phases we go through each month and each moon.

When we experience flashes of insight, ideas that pour forth or feel called to pursue something, even if we can’t explain why … this sense of inner vision is an element of Aquarius ... and it's also an element of our innate wisdom as women.

The problem is, for most of us, our vision and wisdom has been shunned or shut down.  We've been taught to deny the wisdom of our womb, to doubt our inner knowing, to dismiss our non-linear insight, to suppress the wisdom of our feminine cycles.  

But inner vision / wisdom isn’t something to dismiss or brush aside ... because when this wisdom or vision is suppressed, it leads to distortion in our psyches, our lives and our souls.  This distortion causes us to doubt, to ignore and mostly, to continue to accept things as they are instead of having the courage to see how they could be.

So many of us suppress ourselves in this way.  We suppress what we need for nourishment, we suppress our intuition, we suppress our expression, we suppress our natural gifts, we suppress our sexuality, we suppress our body's physical, emotional and intuitive wisdom, … and when we suppress ourselves, we suppress the magic and medicine that is waiting to reveal itself through us.

But we suppress it because somewhere along the way we were told it was BAD.  At some point, most of us were told something about our inner knowing or our sexuality was wrong.  We were likely told these things because it felt threatening to someone else in some way or they just didn’t understand it.  

There isn’t need for judgment or blame here, it’s just a level of consciousness / fear that we need to be aware of and rise above in order to have faith in accessing the medicine that lives within us that wants to be revealed.  

It takes GUTS, GRACE AND GUMPTION to own your inner vision, to own your sexual power and to honor the wisdom that arises within your body each month.  It takes time and patience and practice to learn how to connect with and manifest your truth. 

It also takes self awareness and acceptance.  You can’t fully share your medicine with the world if you aren’t willing to do what it takes to take your own medicine in order to honor and hone in on your own healing and evolution.  

Your work on this Full Moon is to tune into where you've suppressed your inner knowing or denied your wisdom as a woman (physically, emotionally, sexually, intuitively) … and to shine your light of awareness and compassion there so that you can forgive and release that energy in order to create space for what desires to emerge.

If you need to release shame or limiting beliefs around yourself or your wisdom, your womb or your visions, try this releasing ritual ... (the energy of the Full Moon builds the 3 days leading up to and the 3 days descending from the actual date of the Full Moon, so you have time to do this ritual after the Full Moon if need be).  Don’t think about it too hard + trust what comes up + honor yourself for showing up:

  • Sit with a lit candle at sunset, as the Sun (Leo) gives way to the Full Moon (Aquarius). 
  • Spend time reflecting on what’s made you hide your light, suppress your sexuality, feel shame or deny your wisdom, ignore your body.  Get a piece of paper and write out what’s on your heart.  As the moon rises, purify and release what’s stuck by lighting your paper, and watch it rise as it dissolves.
  • Now, with what was holding you back released, ask your inner guidance where you need to place your attention and intention.  Body, psyche, cycle, spirit, sex, love, play, intuition,  … ?
  • Because we still have the fiery action oriented energy of Leo at hand, come up with 3 action steps that will give you the time and space to access your inner vision / wisdom so that it has room to grow.

You deserve to be an empowered, intuitive, cyclical and sovereign being.  You deserve to feel confident honoring your body, your womb and your wisdom ... because this about you but this is also much bigger than you.

The world needs your medicine.  Whether that medicine is just you being unapologetically you or it's sharing medicine that will change the world, we need you in your power, owning your inner knowing, connected to your feminine core.  

Love + into the mystic,

Ashly xx,

*Releasing exercise adapted from Molly Hall via Mystic Mama’s Full Moon Report which can be found HERE.

Ashly Wolf

Ashly is the creator of which seeks to uplift, inspire and educate women about their body, their sensuality, their femininity, their connection to spirit and to help them reclaim their powerful role as women within society. Ashly is also the founder of, where she coaches women on radical self love and guides them towards living a life filled with confidence and desire.