It’s known that Solar Eclipses alter the amount of sunlight that reaches the Earth, what is less known is what an energetically powerful experience this has on our bodies, spirits and psyches.

What happens is, things become amplified and revealed ... and so all the nooks and crannies we try the hardest to avoid, suppress or remain blissfully ignorant about (you know things like fear, limiting beliefs or self destructive habits) come up to rear their heads, demanding us to give them our attention.  As Chani Nichols says: 

One aspect of life is eclipsed so that another can be revealed. 

Both Mercury’s station retrograde and the new moon/solar eclipse occur in Virgo. Both have a quality of intrigue to them. Both are asking us to look at life from a different angle.

A mysterious one.

Because sometimes we are aware of these things and sometimes we aren’t.  But what happens strongly with eclipses, is that even if we don’t logically know what’s going on, we feel these things we try so hard to avoid.

And we feel them deeply.

And as humans, when we feel, we tend to condemn and criticize it as weakness or we spiral deeply into emotional overwhelm (or both). 

Yes, sometimes we need to process things emotionally … but often these types of emotional overwhelm and self condemnation repeat within our psyches and our lives like a broken record, consciously and unconsciously affecting our reality, without actually being processed because we are too busy falling into judgement or victim mode around whatever is coming up.  

So what I want to ask you is: what if everything was perfect?

What if (even if you didn't know why) every experience was perfect?  Every good, every bad, sad, sorrowful, painful, gorgeous, traumatic moment?

What if every thing that has ever happened (however absurd or fucked up) and every way you have ever felt was actually p e r f e c t ?

This notion of everything being perfect is a Tantric one, and it states that everything happens as it does for us to expand our awareness.  

In Tantra, awareness replaces judgment, and in this way, each moment becomes an opportunity to deepen our knowledge of self and to accept ourselves by gaining more and more awareness of ourselves instead of more and more judgement of ourselves.  

In this way, all of our mistakes actually serve as a cosmic learning curve to come home to who we truly are.  To learn how to come home to how we are.  And to remember that we are perfectly designed, divine beings. 

In this way, we, as in you and me and everyone you’ve ever met, is perfect.  Every experience is perfect.  And every experience we’ve ever had is simply to lead us closer and closer to accepting our own worth, wisdom and perfection.  

Eclipses serve as portals of mystery and discovery, and what is happening right now with the Solar Eclipse and the New Moon in Virgo is no different.  

Right now we are being offered a huge opportunity to become aware of ourselves (our tendencies, our habits, our projections, our patterns, our fears), and to remain open to the mystery without going down the rabbit hole.  Because when everything is perfect we don't condemn or play victim: when everything is perfect operate from a place of awareness instead of judgement. 

Because she says it so much better than I do, this is Laura Anne from The Rhythm Way’s Astrology for this Virgo New Moon + Solar Eclipse: 

Early in the pre-dawn hours, this new moon solar eclipse is an invitation to get closer to What Matters Most. Virgo is the sign of the priestess - the one who brings spirit into matter in order to celebrate it. An Earth sign, Virgo wants to touch, to feel, to dance, and to steward the manifest while simultaneously seeing deeper into the world than is common in the village. She stacks all of her choices - how she chooses to move her body, whom she is in relationship to, how she moves through her day, by turning toward her greatest ally - the current of life force energy that animates and ensouls all things. She does not take things at face value, but rather sees the divine everywhere, and knows how to evoke it. In this way she is truly one who is whole unto herself. She knows that what she chooses to pull through from the formless depths, is what is created here in tangible ways. She knows what she tends will bloom.
New Moons are the beginning of a cycle, and what is planted here can catch and grow in the waxing light to come. Solar eclipses block the force of the solar radiation enough to reset our consciousness here on earth. We have space to intend anew, and what we intend, we receive. This is practical magic. And the Priestess/Virgin of us knows this well. To be whole unto oneself and to steward life force energy we become active participants in the world we want to see. We step out of the victim aggressor paradigm rooted in power over structures and be co-participants with life herself.
This new moon solar eclipse, Virgo reminds us that not one of us is broken. We are all whole. We are all complete. We all have the power to lean into the conversation and change things for the better.

So on this New Moon, what I ask you is: instead of looking at who are you and how you’re broken, who are you and how are you whole?  How has each moment been a teacher, serving to lead you back to yourself?  And (especially if it hurts) how can you accept the mystery of these teachings?

And because yes, I know this energy can be intense, I really invite you to work with the Earth sign of Virgo and express what desires embodiment through your body + being by finding what brings you into physical connection with your body or sensual connection with Mama Earth.

Maybe its through running, screaming, swimming in a like, dancing like a maniac, hiking, crying, feeling your bare feet on the grass, connecting to your breath or gardening.  For me right now, it happens to be through injury.  Yes it hurts, yes its inconvenient and yes it is an excellent teacher.  

Because there is divinity in the mystery and polarity of life ... and beyond notions of right or wrong, this divinity accepts all that is.  All the good, all the bad.  

This doesn’t mean it’s easy.  It's tremendously vulnerable.

So know, that even if feels like it, know you aren't alone.  We all stumble home.  No one get’s it right the first ( ... or second or third or forth) time around.  That’s the point.  We learn through experience.  We gain awareness through living, breathing and feeling our way through life.  By allowing ourselves to stumble through the dark, we find the light.  

You know what they say, how it's always darkest before the dawn?  Sit with the mystery and use this moonless night to wander back home.  Allow yourself to ebb and flow and to know that you are both a masterpiece and a work in progress … and you are perfect.

Ashly Wolf

Ashly is the creator of FemmeRising.com which seeks to uplift, inspire and educate women about their body, their sensuality, their femininity, their connection to spirit and to help them reclaim their powerful role as women within society. Ashly is also the founder of HealthySexyHungry.com, where she coaches women on radical self love and guides them towards living a life filled with confidence and desire.