Scorpio shows us what needs to be seen.  It takes away the illusions we tell ourselves and gives us the true reflection of where we’re at and what we need to get to where we want to go. 

As a water sign, Scorpio is connected to the intuitive, emotional, watery, feminine shadow landscape of our psyche. 

And, Scorpio is a sign of transformation - it’s said that this astrological sign goes through life stages, that it starts out as a scorpion, rises into a serpent and then eventually evolves into the Phoenix, the mythological creature that in Greek Mythology is a long-lived bird that would cyclically die and emerge reborn from the transformative fire of it’s own ashes.

And ... this is the energy we have at our fingertips right now:

Feminine Transformation. 

Primarily, the regeneration that can only be found from release.  In the words of the great Toni Morrison, “you wanna fly, you gotta let go of the shit that weighs you down.”

So what are you ready to let go of?  Who are you ready to be?  

At this time of year, we are descending into the darkness of the harvest. The time of culmination.  It’s the time when we gather everything that’s been reaped and sown over the course of the year.  

And so - this is the time for you take stock of your harvest. 

To harvest your awareness, your wisdom, harvest your growth, your mistakes, your desires.  

The harvest brings gratitude for the growth and nourishment from season the and equally, gratitude for the awareness that death is approaching and descending as we enter into the new season.

So, what has grown within you?  

And what is ready to die?  Fear?  Shame?  Living small?  Self sabotage?  

That death (and your willingness to throw yourself into it) will serve as the soil for you remerge from.  This is Scorpio’s greatest gift to you now: surrendering to the process of what is ready to die and be releasedfrom you so that you can again reemerge reborn - as the YOU you’re ready to emerge into. 

It’s commonly known that the natives and ancients lived by cycles and seasons, that they revered the wisdom found in each phase of birth, life, death and re-birth.  

What is less known is that the cycle of birth was actually revered for beginning in death.  

This is gorgeously mirrored in the feminine archetype of the triple goddess, the Maiden - Mother - Crone.  The three aspects are not actually experienced as separate entities of feminine life cycles or experience, they are all seen as interlinked, one is always upon the wisdom ofthe other.  The Maiden grows into the Mother, and the Mother grows into the wisdom of the old Crone, and the Crone dies to again, be reborn as the Maiden.  

Death is not the Crones final destination, it provides the fertile possibility for feminine rebirth.  In this way, the knowledge from each cycle is carried over.  Death is not feared, it is revered.  

And the same goes for Scorpio, death is one of it's greatest teachers and biggest allies.  When we apply Scorpio’s wisdom of death and rebirth to our lives, instead of fear, we are able to understand it as the fertile place of transformation where seeds of change can truly take root. 

This is how we learn to evolve and to stop disowning the imperfect / wounded / shameful parts of ourselves.

Because the shame and shadows we carry from our past are not to be forgotten - they are to be carried as sacred seeds of wisdom. 

This is the sort of wisdom we avoid in the west, we don’t like to confront death, dying or anything ugly or on the fringe.  But because Scorpio dwells in the realm of taboo, this energy is not afraid to look at what has been kept locked away.  

Scorpio allows us to become aware of what has been hidden or distorted within ourselves by plunging into the depths of our inner landscape to explore the things that we think about ourselves but don’t want to admit ... to work with the taboo / secretive parts of ourselves or our bodies that we’ve sent into exile.  

These are generally the parts of ourselves the we have disowned.

The problem is, when we disown ourselves, suppression takes root - and suppression is the mother of all shame and imbalance.  

Scorpio asks you to access this wisdom as you reflect truthfully on these questions, revealing to yourself the taboos you've been avoiding or the shame you've been suppressing: 

What’s your relationship with your body?  

With your sexuality?  

With your feminine cycles?  

With your blood?  

With your feminine power and expression?  

Do you love and honor yourself or reject and suppress yourself?  

What’s the quality of your relationship with yourself as a woman? 

What’s your relationship to the parts of yourself that you (or someone else) labeled as bad, taboo, shameful or secretive?

What parts of yourself have you sent into exile for being too much or not enough?  

Are you willing to look under your covers, to explore the shadows that shape your thoughts and perceptions of yourself?

The true magic we have access to right now is the ability to shine a light on all the shadows that dance in the darkness of our psyches.  Of all the parts of ourselves that have been hidden from sight but yearn to be seen and heard and loved and nurtured.


I love Scorpio - and I dwell well with the taboo sides of myself now - but I wasn’t always this way.  I was disconnected from my sexuality and sensuality as a woman.  I lived in an ongoing cocktail of extreme body shame, bingeing, boozing and zero self-confidence. I was fat, stressed and obsessed.  I was a hormonal mess.  I tried so hard to avoid my pain that the avoidance of it actually became the ongoing cause of my pain.  

It wasn’t until I addressed the underlying parts of myself, the pieces that had been buried under layers of a shameful, numbed out life that I could really claim the root of what had been holding me back - and from there, claim what needed to be released so that I could be reemerge into the woman I was ready to become. 

Thats why Shakti, the sensuality practices that reawaken her and cycle syncing are so powerful - because through this process we learn who we as women are and what we need.  

By learning from the shadows that keep us from being in our bodies, we can gain the courage and desire to regain feeling and sensation and to be able experience joy and pleasure.

Since activating my Shakti and starting cycle syncing just last year, it’s shocking how many women ask me what my secret is.  

My biggest secret? 

I was willing to look at my shadows.  I was willing to get real with myself about what about why I was living a numbed out life and learn about what I needed to heal + cultivate + love + awaken within myself to live the life I was ready for.

Shame was my biggest shadow - and if I hadn’t been wiling to go into the darkness, to explore it's dark corners and how they kept me disconnected from my body, I wouldn’t have ever ended up here.  

I would have never became who I am.

I would have never became the confident, sensual, joyful, expressive woman I am.  I wouldn’t have created Femme Rising, I wouldn’t have fallen in love with myself … and I wouldn’t have fallen in love with my life.  

Shakti, sensuality and and owning my power as a woman were the biggest taboos I had to be willing to reckon with.  From there, I had the keys to start working more deeply with my body, my sexuality and my sovereignty. 

My feminine freedom came from the fertile wisdom that lives in the womb of darkness - this is where Scorpio lives and what you are tasked with exploring and honoring.  

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Big love, 


Ashly Wolf

Ashly is the creator of FemmeRising.com which seeks to uplift, inspire and educate women about their body, their sensuality, their femininity, their connection to spirit and to help them reclaim their powerful role as women within society. Ashly is also the founder of HealthySexyHungry.com, where she coaches women on radical self love and guides them towards living a life filled with confidence and desire.