Chaos precedes all great transformation.   Nature knows this well.  It knows that life/death/life cycle is a natural and necessary force of evolution.  But as humans, we become disconnected from this wisdom.  In our forgetfulness, Scorpio has done a superb job of ushering us through a great transition of chaos and transformation (click here for the last blog all about Scorpio and Feminine Transformation).

This is what is happening now.  We are being urged to transform and evolve through chaos, and suffice it to say, Scorpio's transformative energy has basically been a big fat reality check. 

Scorpio revealed the taboo, it ripped off the bandaid, it offered a release, exposing what we’ve been avoiding (personally and collectively), and created chaos in it's wake.

It triggered us.  It shocked us.  It scared us.  It shook us.  It terrified us.  It disappointed us.  It angered us.  

It also triggered the evolutionary process.  It shook us AWAKE.  It revealed our fear.  It showed us our ignorance.  It made us get real and feel by bringing our issues up to the surface to be seen and witnessed and REVEALED.

It also initiated us into remembering that certain wisdom can only be found in the mysterious chaos that precedes all great change.

Chaos / evolution / transformation.  

Nature knows.  The butterfly knows.  The trees and seasons know.

This is how we grow. 

If it makes it easier to understand, let me speak in archetypes, and share how this chaos carries the specific energy signature of Kali (an incarnation of Shakti) the Tantric Goddess of Revolution.  

Kali is found in every dark night of the soul, every natural disaster, every earthquake and eruption, every political revolution.  She carries a sword that slices through delusion, ignorance, fear, false hope, and lies.  

In terms of certain recent events, Kali has shown us all the shadows of our society: embodied both in the man who won and the aftermath we find ourselves facing.  We have been shown that we can no longer ignore systemic change in ourselves, our consciousness or our culture.  We are being asked to evolve, and Kali is the revolutionary force of energy that sparks the evolution of consciousness. 

She is dynamically paradoxical and in her divine paradox, carries out equal functions of creation and destruction:

In Indian mythology, she appears on the cosmic scene as “a battle maddened demon slayer, who comes into the world at moments when dark forces - demons - threaten civilization and especially the feminine” ( ... need I say more about the power of her archetype being alive and well within our culture at this time).

She is a mysterious, wild, fierce, powerful, loving, benevolent, wise force of nature that represents of the transformation of consciousness, individually and collectively.  


Whether in society, politics or your personal life, for something new to be born, we must look to nature to be reminded of the creative force of the life/death/life cycle and what truly has to happen for new life to emerge.

“Violence is a part of the creative process. (The big bang after all was an explosion).  The energy that pushes a baby out of the womb, in a process that is bloody and full of threat of death, is full of creative violence.  Like anything to do with Kali, once the birth process has begins, it is inexorable.”

And so, this is where we find ourselves.  We are in the rebirth process, swimming through the revelations of awakening, experiencing the discomfort and uncertainty of pain, contraction, fear and chaos …. all the things that precede true transformation.  

This process holds power if we allow ourselves to sit with the truth of what arises through the chaos and have the courage to act because of it.

Because, sometimes the cold hard truth can only be revealed after our illusions are ripped away ... and this is the hallmark of Kali's work.  

If there had been a different result, we would have stayed asleep in avoidance and ignorance of the true problems that need to be seen and solved.  If there had been a different result, we wouldn't be feeling this big visceral collective experience that in some very necessary ways were needed to WAKE US UP.

I know it’s painful.  I know it's fearful.  But these fresh fissures in the heart are what awakening reveals.  We are thick in the throes of it now … thrown off kilter, feeling unsure and uncertain, which is to be expected, because awakening is never comfortable. 

... It's usually terrifying and its *always* chaotic.

Awakening brings you to your knees.  It knocks the air out of your lungs.  It punches you in the gut until you see the reality of who you are and what your role is.

And now, our role has been revealed.  The seeds of the Feminine Revolution have been planted, it is up to us to tend to them to make sure they reach the light of day.

"Goddess is feminine morality, the kind of morality that says hurting and killing are evil, spoiling the earth is evil. War is the worst evil of all, not glorious or heroic, never the 'holy war,' that God used to endorse.

Goddess morality says courage means protecting others, not fighting them; and cowardice means bullying and violence." - from Barbara Walker's 'Women's Rituals'

This is what I hope you know: Kali isn't just an esoteric force or philosophy.  She is LIVING and breathing inside of us and she is the spark of Feminine Morality being shot into our hearts. 

Because the truth is, the fear and hate and injustice that are rearing their heads now were already here (and they've been here for too long).  We just see their severity now.  In Kali's wake, a deeper layer of truth is being revealed. 

And in that truth, fear is a very real reality for us.  

But in this reality, we have a choice: will we stay in fear, will we pretend or avoid the rising pain and suffering, will we acquiesce? 

Or will we rise?  Will we stand together, fight with Feminine Morality and walk through the transformative fire of chaos?

I'll choose the fire every time.  We have big work to do ... will you walk with me?



*quotes from Sally Kempton's Awakening Shakti


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