Most of us are deeply unaware of how much our 2nd Chakra impacts everything in our lives. Our 2nd Chakra is home to our emotions, our subconscious and primal desires, the seat of our sexual power and our individual expression. 

This part of our body also carries deep patterns, and any wounds that have been stored here come out yelling and screaming (usually being thrown at others) until we bring our awareness to them and take appropriate action as a result.

Enter the Lunar Eclipse.  The Moon, also home to our subconscious and emotional selves is Full, which provides additional ILLUMINATION into the parts of our bodies or lives that have been suppressed or shoved into the shadows: and during this time, if you haven’t done work to heal these shadows, it’s highly likely that this suppression of surrounding any unresolved secrecy or shame will be amplified during this time and come up to rear it's head. 

But the 2nd Chakra is also the home of your personal power.  In Sanskrit, the word for the 2nd Chakra, Svadisthana literally means “one’s own abode”.  

Because the thing is, we all experience conflict.  Pain, trauma, shame.  We've all got our shit.  Life isn't meant to be free of chaos and conflict, the chaos and conflict is there to carve you into who you are and you are meant to claim your power from the conflict that’s been created here.

Without conflict we can’t learn, grow and transform.   And when we look at patterns in our bodies, nervous systems and minds, most of these conflicting patterns are created in our younger years, and Svadisthana is no different. 

Psychologically this chakra develops in adolescence, and we create conscious or subconscious patterns of self defeating behavior or disassociation because there was something that happened to us during these younger years that was just too uncomfortable or painful for us to face.

So then we go through life ignoring the pink elephant in the room, hoping that if you just keep closing your eyes and pretending it’s not there that it will go away.

But this Eclipse is showing you the pink elephant, it’s showing you that it’s real, it’s showing you how much it affects your life, and it’s giving you the opportunity to take away it’s power over you as you reclaim your own.

The most important thing to know about Eclipses is that they ECLIPSE one part of our awareness so that we may gain insight into what needs to be made conscious.  

This Eclipse is giving you the opportunity to witness a problem so that you can bring about a solution that wouldn’t be possible otherwise.   

Because she says it so well, here's Astro Babe Chani Nicholas’s words on it: 

“We can know all of our emotional patterns. All the triggers that trigger us. All the spaces that are unsafe for us. All the ways something can get stuck in us.
We can do all the therapy. Read all the books. Go to all the groups and still need schooling. Still be struck with an insight that floors us. Cracks our hearts wide open. Knocks the wind right out of us. Knowing is one thing. Feeling is another.
That’s what eclipse season is for.
Occurring near the south node of the moon, a point that is associated with emptying out, releasing and letting go of the old, this eclipse is pointing towards the emotional patterns within us that need to be made conscious. Known. Felt.
This is a time of great vulnerability. A time where much gets exposed in order to be let go of. A full moon is a time of fruition, the apex or fulfillment of an intention. A south node lunar eclipse is both the realization of something in our lives, and the illumination of what gets in the way of future fulfillment.
Eclipses are a time when the most subtle of our issues get magnified. The ones that hide behind larger, more obvious issues. Eclipses are a time when we witness what lives in the shadows. The aspects of self that feel unloved and unloveable. Neglected and not worth paying attention to. Forgotten and forgettable. South node eclipses are a time when old stories lines return. Asking us to revisit and re-experience feelings we forgot existed, feelings embedded deep inside the tissues of the body of our lives. 
We might feel frustrated. Foolish. Afraid that we are back at this place. Reliving this issue. Revisiting this pattern. But our healing process is non-linear. Nonconforming. Nonjudgmental. It feels no way about bringing up something that we thought we solved long ago.
Our healing process knows how to call us out. Knows how to call us in for our next healing initiation. Knows how to call us by our real names.
Our job is to answer the call.”

The immediate effects of an Eclipse aren’t felt for a few months, but the impact of the lack of light, has a huge affect on the Earth and on our bodies.  It penetrates our psyches and opens up what’s been under lock and key.

The most important thing I can stress about Eclipses is that whatever happens, however you are involved, YOU ARE INVOLVED.

So let’s say someone gets angry at you.  Let’s say you get angry at another.  Let’s say someone displays behavior that you think is completely uncalled for.  It’s easy to place blame.  It’s easy to say it’s not your issue, that they flew off their rocker or whatever your default response towards them would be.  

Your invitation here is to LOOK DEEPER into what is presenting itself to you, to objectively bring your awareness to a pattern that is emerging.  

It’s true, emotions are hot right now.  So eruptions might happen.  Ideally if you have an idea of what’s going on cosmically (aka what this Eclipse is about) it will help cool the tensions that might arise.  But regardless, I’ll repeat it again: if you’re involved, there is a reason you are involved.

This Eclipse, it’s your job to answer the call. To be real and accept your responsibility in the situation.  Take away all blame and be objective about it.  How have you been acting?  What’s been driving your operating system?  What are your own patterns?  How do you disassociate?  Where do you place blame or call yourself a victim?  What do you feel shameful about?  Where do you lack belief in yourself or your personal power?

Because Moon and this Eclipse are presiding over the 2nd Charka, they greatly have to do with relationships.  So what’s unfolding in your relationships?  Are there patterns emerging that you didn’t have the ability to perceive before?

This Moon and this Eclipse will provide some real come to Jesus moments when it comes to our subconscious patterns. 

Our bodies are essentially walking patterns of energy, the primal response of our nervous systems drives our behavior unconsciously so much more than we realize. 

A helpful thing to look at is your patterning through the behaviors that manifest through your nervous system.  The easiest thing to tune into is, what’s your pattern: FIGHT, FLIGHT OR FREEZE?

When you get triggered emotionally, when you 2nd Chakra shame shows up, do you get angry: do you yell or fight?  Or do you run, do you flee to avoid what’s happening?  Or do you freeze up, with words being hard to come by, your body numbing out or disassociating from what’s unfolding?

Mine is to Freeze.  As a kid I went through so much Fight and Flight that my body couldn’t do it anymore, so I went into Freeze.  This pattern affects me deeply, and used to paralyze me completely.  Stress from work would shut down my whole body, any discomfort I felt in my body I sought to numb out, and arguments would verbally shut me down, but over time I became aware of this pattern and once I became aware of it, I became able to work with it.

Similarly, with this Eclipse, these moments are arising for you to become aware of and BREAK patterns.  And yes, I'll be real: failure to do so will just keep the patterns repeating until you choose to do something about them (... and who wants that)?

Because this is an emotionally charged time, a very practical tool to help balance and calibrate the energy of the body is Breath of Fire.  If you want to learn how, join the private FR Facebook Group where I’ll provide more insight on how this ancient yogic technique helps break patterns and re-balances your body. 

Sometimes it’s helpful to remember, we’re all just humans.  We all have our issues.  Eclipses help us work through them if we have the awareness and drive to do so.

This Moon says: break the pattern, own your power, you are up to you, do what you need to do.

ACTION ITEMS // Tune into your patterning, do you know your default pattern (fight, flight, freeze)?  Do you know what patterns are emerging for you to witness and heal at this time?  What personal power is waiting to be revealed underneath the chaos or conflict?

Insight without action is meaningless, so apply this awareness to BREAK THROUGH the subconscious patterns that keep you from your personal power.

With love,

You can get your Full Moon Playlist HERE.

Ashly Wolf

Ashly is the creator of FemmeRising.com which seeks to uplift, inspire and educate women about their body, their sensuality, their femininity, their connection to spirit and to help them reclaim their powerful role as women within society. Ashly is also the founder of HealthySexyHungry.com, where she coaches women on radical self love and guides them towards living a life filled with confidence and desire.