Leo is fierce, sensual and highly instinctual.  Leo’s typically have huge beautiful mane’s … literally, all the Leo's I know have big thick beautiful long hair.  My sister and my best friend are both Leo's and in addition to their hair flair, they're also incredibly charismatic, funny and insanely intelligent ... and what I love the most about both of these women is that their intelligence isn’t limited to intellect. 

My sister is super dyslexic (and like me) math is really hard for her.  But she’s one of the smartest, most creative and driven women I know.  She picks up languages in a snap, she’s an animal whisperer, she has a farm, she runs a barn, she welds, she’s a Mama to two (and twentyish (?) more if you count all the animals she cares for with love) and despite her lack of proper grammar, she’s writing her first novel (and it’s insanely good).

My best friend on the other hand has an incredible intellect, and truly has the best brain I know.  She also has extremely high emotional intelligence, can talk to anyone (so can my sister for that matter, Leo’s are very well versed conversationalists) and has successfully been successfully navigating a progressive kundalini awakening for the past few years.

She has access to an incredible reservoir of energy, creativity, and vision, and what’s more, she can express her ability to grasp large and complex topics (anything from financial algorithms to cosmic topics) in a way that other’s can understand with a sense of ease and awe.

Each Leo expresses her instincts and sensuality in her own unique way: for some it’s by being absorbed in nature, for others it’s an almost otherworldly ability to connect with animals, some have a very loud personal expression while others are incredibly talented athletes (many are a combo of these traits). 

The shadow side is that Leo has access to so much sensation and instinct that sometimes it’s overwhelming and so sometimes Leo tries NOT to feel - which can result in numbing out with food, booze, sex or substances.

Something else I’ve witnessed from the Leo’s in my life is that they have an incredible ability to seduce.

This seduction isn’t always intentional (sometimes it’s badly misinterpreted from those on the other end) … but what is so alluring about Leo’s is her instincts and that her ability to communicate what arises from those instincts.

She lives and breathes from an instinctual, sensual place, which is an incredibly attractive quality.  It’s something that others sense and also respond to instinctually.  

What's more, is their charisma and instinctual natures are NATURAL expressions of who they are … which lends them a sense of comfort and confidence with who they are and and what they want, which is also, incredibly attractive.

So: you might be thinking, that’s great Ash, but what’s all this Leo jazz got to do with me?

Well, the reason I’m sharing about the qualities of these Leo ladies is because these are some of the energies that you may want to cultivate more of in your life right now, they may speak to you and draw something out that says, “ahhhh yes, that's something I want too"! 

And all attractive qualities and seduction aside, the other thing these Lioness ladies have in common is that they take swift and determined ACTION. 

Just like the lion, the see what they want, they have a tenacious edge in not only going after it, but getting it.  Leo is also a fire sign and these are all qualities that you may want to draw on over the next month as you ignite your own inner fire.

Fire in our bodies corresponds to our Solar Plexus, the 3rd Chakra or source of our personal power, our WILL or where we take action from a place of alignment.

Fire is the fastest path to transformation but if this fire isn’t tended to, it can lead to a tendency to try to do it all, which can lead to burn out.

A huge issue with “transformation” is that a lot of people keep chasing things that they want without truly slowing down to TAKE ACTION to implement lasting, sustainable changes into their lives. 

Leo is driven by instincts and action.  Leo knows there is a time to lounge and a time to pounce.

Basically Leo doesn’t fuck around.  Leo get’s to the point and get’s it done. 

Leo says, you want results you gotta do the work. 

So look at your to-do list. 

What’s been on your mind for some time, what’s been eating your energy, what’s been draining you in terms of what you “should” do?  

Leo uses her instincts to guide her action, so take some time to reflect on what you want and how you really want to FEEL. Take action based on what will support that FEELING.

Some feeling based examples ar: strong, sensual, free, powerful, expressed, confident, radiant, energized, devoted, sacred, soft, fierce, abundant, calm, etc.

Take anything off your list that is a “should” or anything that doesn’t need to be done to support that feeling right now.  Literally cross that shit off. 

It’s easy to get stuck in the ongoing cycle of gathering information, tools and techniques but not actually APPLYING THE ACTION NEEDED to create the change / breakthrough / transformation we need.

Now, with laser beam focus, choose the ONE THING that you want to take action on.  What’s the one result you are READY FOR in your body or your life? 

And this month, get really real and REALISTIC with making it happen.  Choose this one thing, knowing that igniting positive change here will create a cascade of positive change in the rest of what's ready to alchemize for you.

Leo can light a fire under your ass but it’s got to be a sustainable burn, so be realistic and implement sustainable change.  

#1 How do you want to feel?

#2 What do you need to do (daily or regularly) to feel that way?

It could be breath work for 30 seconds to help deal with stress, it can be working out 3x a week to gain strength, it can be consciously crossing things off your calendar so that you can use that time for creative or sensual expression.  

It could be practicing getting sensual to your fav music while you get ready in the morning, meal prepping once a week to make sure you have healthy choices for nourishment, or leaving a toxic relationship.

THINK OF THE ONE THING THAT YOU NEED TO GIVE YOUR DEVOTION TO in order to be who you want to be.  The one thing you need to do now.  The one thing you can’t afford to wait on.

Hone in on what it is and use Leo’s fire to take action and transform. 

Then literally, plan ahead and prepare on HOW and WHAT you will DO to TAKE ACTION.

New Moon’s represent NEW BEGINNINGS. So use this to plant a seed of intention, tend to it, nourish it, stick with it, have patience and one day your seed will bear the fruit of your action, and know that energetically all of August lends us an opportunity to access Leo’s edge.  

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Jai Ma,


Ashly Wolf

Ashly is the creator of FemmeRising.com which seeks to uplift, inspire and educate women about their body, their sensuality, their femininity, their connection to spirit and to help them reclaim their powerful role as women within society. Ashly is also the founder of HealthySexyHungry.com, where she coaches women on radical self love and guides them towards living a life filled with confidence and desire.