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Right now we have Venus traveling through Taurus with the earthy archetypes of sensuality, pleasure and beauty.  In alignment with Sagittarius and Jupiter, which are expansive, confident and embodied, we are being invited to accept that pleasure is vital for our wellbeing.

That choosing beauty is nourishing.  That what we focus on expands.  And that our bodies are the direct portal to experiencing pleasure in our being.

When planets go direct in their own signs (like Venus and Jupiter are right now), they lend more ease in allowing us to realize and manifest our desires. Pair that with the positive and instinctual nature of Sagittarius and the sensual delights of Taurus and we have a potent time to deepen into experiencing the sensual pleasure of being in a body.

Sag is the Centaur and as part human, part animal, she has equal access to her intellect and her instinct.  As the ruling sign of this full moon, Sagittarius begs leave your intellect behind for awhile to let your sensual instincts speak up.

Sag asks you to utilize the Earthy and Sensual energy of Taurus, the Beauty and Pleasure of Venus, the Expansive and Embodied Sagittarius to PRIORITIZE PLEASURE for no other reason than pleasure is an inherent part of your nature.


The word pleasure carries heavy weight - so if allowing yourself to experience pleasure is a challenge, your invitation right now is to lean into the innocence of what pleasure means to you.  Take away all negative connotations, and what does it mean to you to FEEL GOOD?

What does it mean to FEEL GOOD IN YOUR BODY?

If any limiting beliefs come up, continue to return to the INNOCENCE that is rooted in whatever pleasure you seek, and remind yourself that you deserve to feel good and that pleasure is innocent and natural.

Your body is completely natural.  Sex is completely natural (not to mention, none of us would be here without it).  Your desires are completely natural.  Experiencing pleasure is completely natural.  The only thing that isn’t natural is the idea that pleasure (aka FEELING GOOD) is bad.

The suppression of pleasure leads to distortion and imbalance in your life (perhaps you can see where that has been true for you)?

So this moon asks you to FEEL into what feels good for you.

Knowing that you don’t have to “do” anything to deserve it.  You don’t have to “prove” you are worthy of it.  You don’t have to “earn” it.  

You just have to let yourself desire it and experience it.

This moon gives you PERMISSION to explore what pleasure means to you by allowing your body (not your mind) to guide you.  

Sag has a fierce sense of optimism, so if you lack confidence or lean towards cynicism and doubt, call on her to lend positivity and determination in engaging the sensual wisdom of your body.

Because your body is an animal and her sensual wisdom knows what you need.  Tune into your SENSES and allow this sensual intelligence to guide you.


When most people hear the words SENSUAL or PLEASURE their minds immediately go to sex - and that gets everyone into a big pickle when it comes to experiencing pleasure in general. 

The truth is, most of us are limited in allowing ourselves to receive pleasure sexually because we are limited in experiencing pleasure in our lives: the more you allow yourself to receive pleasure in one area of your life, the more it will increase your capacity to receive it in another (let me say that again: the more pleasure you experience in your LIFE the more pleasure you will naturally experience in your sex life).  

((But, let’s be real, because this IS a sexy moon: if you do choose to experience pleasure sexually, experiment having sex with yourself.  As my teacher Psalm Isadora would always say, learn how to make love to yourself first.  Knowing how to bring yourself pleasure will allow you to deepen your pleasure with a partner and in the rest of your life)).


This moon wants you to determine what pleasure means to you.  

Get to the root of it.  Write it out.  Reflect on it.  Get clear on what pleasure means for you (not what you were told it should mean).

Is it sexual?  Is it sensual?  How do you experience it?  In nature?  Through beauty?  Through creativity, design, self expression, movement, meaning?

How does this pleasure nourish you?

Where have you been denying yourself this nourishment?

The bigger invitation this moon is to feel into, how much pleasure you can give yourself. 

How much pleasure can you allow YOURSELF to RECEIVE from YOURSELF? 

Your body gets left out of so much, include her on this journey.  Honor what makes her feel good.  Give her more of what she needs.  Pamper, touch, love her, engage her.

If you’re wondering how to start to experiencing your sensual wisdom, it’s as simple as your next breath. 


A lot of people avoid pleasure or sensuality practices because they think it has to be one more “thing” they put on their to-do list.  

Far from it.  

You have access to experiencing your senses and enhancing your pleasure right here, right now - the most powerful way to access it is completely free and it’s something you already have - your breath.

Sensual pleasure is available to us in every moment - the key is to allow your senses to stay alive.  The BEST WAY to deepen sensually is through the pathway of your breath.

Don’t let the simplicity of this sway you from experiencing deep presence, pleasure and connection to your body. 

Breath deepens sensation.  It calms the nervous system.  It grounds you to the present moment.  Its expands your ability to observe, feel, to BE in your body.


Nature is incredibly sensual. This moon invites us to go outside and play.  To sit and observe.  To be overwhelmed by beauty.  To FEEL the simple and overwhelming beauty of being in a body.  To use our breath to deepen into each moment.  To find peace and nourishment in the pleasure. 

Practice long, slow deep breathing (known as Ujjayi), allowing yourself to feel the air pass through and create a hissing sound at the back of your throat, as you inhale to the count of 3 and exhale to the count of 3.

Connect to your breath while you walk, while you move, while you sit, while you pray, while you pleasure, while you create, while you hike, while you play.

If you’re ready for more, let your fingertips travel your skin.  BREATHE.  Feel the sun and wind on your skin.  BREATHE.  Feel your body respond.  BREATHE.

Let it all be sensual.  Put on sexy music, get lost in smell, sound, taste, touch, sight.  Let yourself be immersed in sensual awareness.

There are no rules.  Pleasure is simply what makes you feel good … use this moon to give yourself time to experiment and implement what works for you. 


The biggest hing we have to be willing to do when we seek to incorporate more pleasure into our lives is to be willing to ACT on what brings us pleasure.  

As the Archer, Sagittarius she sets her sights on the target, she takes aim, and she is relentless in the pursuit of what she desires. Let her help you get back to your body. Use her tenacious aim to your advantage.  Choose where you want to experience more pleasure, then take action to make it happen.

If you’re ready to learn how to activate your Shakti and embody your sensual power, TAKE ACTION and sign up for my upcoming 2 Day OYoga Workshop in Denver on July 22 and 23 by clicking HERE.

If any limiting beliefs come up, continue to return to the INNOCENCE that is rooted in whatever pleasure you seek, and remind yourself that you deserve to feel good and that pleasure is your birthright.

And here are your Full Moon Tunes to get sensual to :)

With Sag Swagger + Sensual Innocence,


Ashly Wolf

Ashly is the creator of which seeks to uplift, inspire and educate women about their body, their sensuality, their femininity, their connection to spirit and to help them reclaim their powerful role as women within society. Ashly is also the founder of, where she coaches women on radical self love and guides them towards living a life filled with confidence and desire.