This moon asks if you’re willing to look under your covers to see what you’ve been hiding from.

Scorpio lives in the deep watery shadows of our psyche - and the full moon (the illumination from the reflection of the sun) brings what’s been kept hidden deep down up to the surface to show us what needs to be SEEN.  It takes away the illusions we tell ourselves and gives us the true reflection of where we’re at and what we need to get to where we want to go. 

As a water sign, Scorpio is connected to the intuitive, emotional, watery, feminine shadow landscape of our psyche.  It has to do with our individual identity (our true identity, not who society says we should be). 

The shadows of this feminine landscape also carry our biggest wounds, all the ways we’ve disconnected from ourselves, from our personal (and sexual) power and all the negative things that we think about ourselves but don’t want to admit.

Scorpio asks us to bring our awareness to this inner landscape and to reclaim the taboo or secretive parts of ourselves that we’ve sent into exile.  

These are generally the parts of our bodies, parts of our psyches, parts of our power the we have disowned in order to avoid shame or pain.

The problem is, when we disown parts of ourselves (regardless of the reasons) suppression takes root - and suppression is the mother of all imbalance.  

This suppression creates distortion - and this distortion silently (or not so silently) creeps into you and creates a cascade of physical, emotional, sexual and spiritual effects.

Because the shame and shadows we carry from our past are really never forgotten - they become like seeds.

Nurture them and tend to them, give them what they need to heal and grow and thrive, and one day, despite their hardships, they will bloom into something beautiful.

But neglect them and they will turn to weeds with invasive and winding roots that wrap their way around your body and your mind until they invade every possible space (your sense of self, your relationships, your career, your sense of purpose, happiness and meaning).

Pain will keep taking your power away until you are willing to shine the light of your awareness on it.  Until you are willing to face it and heal it. 

So Scorpio asks, what’s affecting the nutrients of your roots?

What seeds of wisdom in your body or life desire to be revealed?  What wants to be REVEALED in order to be HEALED?

As an archetype, Scorpio aligns with the 2nd Chakra (which is typically also where we carry the most shame connected to our bodies and psyches) so this is where I invite you to shine your light of awareness on this moon.

This full moon will help you access your inner wisdom as you reflect truthfully on these questions, revealing the taboos you've been avoiding or the shame you've been suppressing: 

What’s your relationship with your body?  

With your sexuality?  

With your feminine cycles?  

With your blood?  

With your feminine power and sexual expression?  

Do you love and honor yourself or reject and suppress yourself?  

What’s the quality of your relationship with yourself as a woman? 

What’s your relationship to the parts of yourself that you (or someone else) labeled as bad, taboo, shameful or secretive?

What are the shadows that shape your thoughts and perceptions of yourself (what do you secretly wish no one would find out about you)?

And, because we must also celebrate how far we’ve come, give yourself some credit, what are you celebrating in relationship to those questions?  What have you healed? How have you shown up?

Taking that into perspective - allow yourself to move forward with AWARENESS INSTEAD OF JUDGEMENT for everything that you led you here to right here, right now.

All of your shame and shadows are just as worthy of your love than what makes you shine - and so this moon shows you your light and your shadows - and shows you where you need to shine more light.

As OSHO says: 

Darkness has no existence of its own, it is only the absence of light. When the light is present, how can its absence also be there?

In this way, your darkness and light are not separate, they are the same, just on different spectrums of experience.  Just like you are not separate. You are not a segmented being.  Everything within you is connected; healing in one part will bring healing to the rest, dis-ease in one part will bring dis-ease to the rest.

Scorpio is a sign of transformation - it’s said that this astrological sign goes through life stages, that it starts out as a scorpion, rises into a serpent and then eventually evolves into the Phoenix, the mythological creature that in Greek Mythology is a long-lived bird that would cyclically die and emerge reborn RISING from the transformative fire of it’s own ashes.

Your invitation this moon is to choose 1 area based on the questions above (or based on your inner wisdom) that you are ready to heal - and to choose 1-3 Meaningful Actions that will lead to the Change and Transformation you are ready for.

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In the words of my late teacher Psalm Isadora, “I promise, you can be more powerful than before you were wounded.”  But in order to experience this, you have to choose to heal ... because THIS IS HOW YOU RISE.

I'd love to hear your insights and what you choose to take action on!  Comment below or send me a message <3

May you heal + bloom into being,


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Ashly Wolf

Ashly is the creator of which seeks to uplift, inspire and educate women about their body, their sensuality, their femininity, their connection to spirit and to help them reclaim their powerful role as women within society. Ashly is also the founder of, where she coaches women on radical self love and guides them towards living a life filled with confidence and desire.