mystic transmission


You have to be open.  You keep asking for things … you WANT to receive but yo can't receive if you aren't OPEN.  

Danielle LaPorte says, want what you what with all your heart, just don't be attached to getting it.  Want what you want just don't be ATTACHED to getting it.  Why shouldn't you be attached?  Because when you create attachment you create limitation.  

You can't even imagine what the Goddess wants to give you.  She wants to give you love and sex and pleasure and joy and abundance and truth and authenticity and creativity and EVEN MORE LOVE.  

She wants you to have IT ALL and then some.  She knows that your abundance only feeds more abundance, the more you have the more you have to give. 

But she can't give it to you if you aren't OPEN.  She can't give it to you if you are narrow minded about your desires.  She can't give it if you have a limited mindset around what you "think" you deserve.  

An open vessel receives, a closed vessel rejects.  

So what's holding you back?  Where are your legs crossed and your heart closed?  Where are you rigid?  Where are you living in lack?  How are you keeping yourself in scarcity?  Scarcity from pleasure?  Scarcity from abundance? 

It's time to open.  Time to want and desire and receive.  Time to RECEIVE.